Happy Hallowe’en from the Bunchkins!


We gathered some Hallowe’en postcards from the Bunch writers’ wee bunchkins for you to enjoy. Above is Kerry Clare’s feisty little superhero! Here’s Nancy Walton’s daughter Georgia. She put her costume on and immediately struck this pose: Here are Rose Bianchini’s twins: Apparently it was hard to get them to stop moving long enough to take a picture! And… Read More »

Bonus postcard!


Have a terrific time out there. Hold hands, look both ways and stay safe, sweeties! This bonus Postcard from Bunchland from Nancy + Georgia.

Last minute costume!


KIDEO. We totally have Hannah Sung to thank/blame for this one. Don’t worry Hannah, we’ll remind you.

3 quick Creepy Last Minute Halloween Treats for kids (and parents)


Yup. It’s actually Halloween and I’ve yet to buy candy. Thanks to smartypants twitter-folk, however, things are looking up nibble-wise. Here are some treat ideas for hanging out and noshing with the bunchkins while you hand out candy, expressly for last minute parents. Just in time for the Greatest Night of the Year: 1. Fruity… Read More »

Gangnam Style Costume for Kids


Stop pretending you know exactly what Gangnam Style is. It’s okay. You work hard and you have kids. Gangnam Style is a parody song by K-Pop star Park Jae Sang, or “Psy,” that lampoons Gangnam (Seoul’s version of Beverly Hills) and the excessive “baller” style of its inhabitants. In the super-viral Gangnam Style video, Psy… Read More »

Costume Recipe: Mavis from Hotel Transylvania


Hotel Transylvania’s Mavis is on our list of awesome costumes for Halloween 2012 We love vampire girl Mavis from the new Adam Sandler flick Hotel Transylvania: She’s mod, she can turn into a bat, she loves wormy pancakes and she’s NOT A PRINCESS. Here’s how you can make your girl a Mavis costume without picking… Read More »

5 Wicked No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


Kid friendly techniques for show-stopping pumpkins You don’t have to carve the Mona Lisa to make an impressive Jac-o’-lantern. You don’t even need to use a knife at all. These 5 pumpkin decorating ideas are completely doable by kids independently, using materials like gems, paint and candy to jazz up the exterior. Besides, who wants… Read More »

The Fearsome Bunch Guide to Halloween


All the tricks and treats you need for a night so awesome, it’s scary By the time October hits, the kids are counting down the days til the 31st. There’s just something about Halloween that no other holiday can match. So many ways to get wacky creative, from Jac-o’-lanterns with personality to something-from-nothing costumes. Besides,… Read More »

Got Leftover Halloween Candy?


Get creative and use up that Halloween candy! If you bought enough mini chocolate bars and bags of chips to feed the entire neighbourhood but had a lackluster turn out on Halloween, never fear. Here are 15 creative ideas for utilizing your leftover treats when you can no longer pawn off them off on your… Read More »

Say Goodbye to Your Jack-O’-Lanterns With a Pumpkin Parade


Give your pumpkin the sendoff it deserves What’s the plan for your pumpkin post-Halloween? You could just light it for the next couple nights and wait for it to rot before finally tossing it into the compost bin, or you could bring it down to your neighbourhood park and place it with its pumpkin brethren.… Read More »

Happy Halloween!


We hope everyone has a fun and spooky night! Photo by Gone-Walkabout via Flickr

News Round-Up Oct. 31: Reclaiming Halloween, Why Haunted Houses Work and the Candy Hierarchy


What we’re reading today: 1. What to do if you looooove Halloween but hate the Martha Stewartization of the holiday. 2. How haunted houses provide the right type of fear. 3. What’s the spookiest haunted school in Toronto? 4. Did you know there’s a candy hierarchy? We don’t totally agree with it, as while the… Read More »


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