The Best Thing On The Internet Today


is this beautiful short film, spontaneously narrated by an imaginative and articulate six-year-old child, and directed by Bianca Giaever: Bianca Giaever is a Vermont-based radio and multimedia producer, originally from Seattle, who is in the habit of obsessively recording the conversations she has with people. Meandering about the internet on this snowbound, snowtastic day, I came across… Read More »

A Rockin’ New Years Eve for the Whole Family!


New Years Eve with kids can be just as fun as the adult version. Bunch’s Rebecca Brown shares her tips for a Rockin’ New Years Eve with Today’s Parent.

It’s Hard Being Two


Because I am a genius and so good at listening to my body and making sensible decisions, I decided that today would be a terrific day to visit the Royal Ontario Museum with my two-year-old son and our bestest mom-and-kiddo friends, Jess and Ada. It was a spontaneous outing and I was feeling terrific about… Read More »

Tuck Me In


By Helen Spitzer Last night I lay exhausted on a polished wood floor as another grown woman tucked a blanket around me as I fell asleep. It was a restorative yoga class, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been running on empty for weeks now. So has my toddler, albeit more cheerfully: he’s… Read More »



It appears to be a soggy morning right across the country. But it was so nice to counter any gloomy morning feelings with this gorgeous photo essay on puddles. It’s by Karyn, who runs crafty utopia The Workroom in Toronto – and that’s her sweet pal Maisy taking advantage of puddles as only a dog… Read More »

How was everyone’s weekend?


Ours was packed. We amazed ourselves by making it to every single activity on Bunch’s weekend hit list WHAT?! The highlight really was Planet in Focus’s great kids program, a terrific little enviro film festival we’ve been going to for years. The wee Bunchkin surprised us by folding his hands and watching the entire program… Read More »

Tear-Jerking Childhood Movie Moments Revisited


Buzzfeed reintroduces our most poignant memories in film Buzzfeed’s roundup of harrowing moments from childhood films prompted an emotional explosion at Bunch HQ this morning. We definitely encourage you to check it out and relive the most emotionally wrought scenes of your childhood viewing. Looking back on these, it’s astonishing how little those films sugar coated. A confused… Read More »

Take Back the Space: Fighting Back Against “Baby Apartheid”


Is “no kids allowed” really the best option? Let’s hope this doesn’t become a hashtag. A recent Globe and Mail states that public tolerance for kids is dwindling, citing the recent ban on kids under two from first class by Malaysia airlines, the quiet zones enforced by Air Asia, and the Brooklyn Beer Garden that prohibits any… Read More »

“Mom Gene” Study Totally Forgets That Dads Nurture, Too


A new study sets out to prove that there is a “mom gene” We’re not exactly sure if this new study  from the Rockefeller University that claims to have discovered a “mom gene” fits our idea of making progress. Researchers found that when a certain receptor was suppressed in the brains of mom mice, they… Read More »

Samuel L Jackson and Little Suzy Tell Voters To “Wake the F**** Up!”


The most memorable political ad we’ve seen yet A fiery Samuel L Jackson just graced YouTube with this provocative political ad, loaded with f-bombs and delivered nursery-rhyme style. The best part? Jackson’s co-star is one equally passionate kid. Little Suzy, a precociously conscientious kid, can’t figure out why her family is so passive— “it’s like they… Read More »

Today In Hipster News: Forbes Names the 20 Hippest Towns in America


Did your city make the cut? Attention, Hipster Families. Before you put roots down in just any old town, you’ll need to make sure you go someplace where your needs will be fulfilled. Somewhere organic, fair-trade espresso flows like a babbling brook, where pop-up galleries spring from streets like tulips and where vegan bakeries send… Read More »

GoldiBlox: The Kickstarter Project That Gets Girls Into Engineering


We have enough princesses. Now we need more engineers Debbie Sterling‘s parents never bought her Kinex or LEGOs. Their dream was for her to grow up to be an actress. Instead, Sterling grew up to become one of the few female engineers working in the field today, and the experience has led to her inspiring… Read More »


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