Father’s Day

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Stroller Dad Shoes


I caught myself jogging this afternoon. At first I thought I was running, but then I realized I wasn’t even late for anything. Definitely jogging. It must have started on the big hill I push the double stroller up twice a day (see also Stroller Guns) — once to take my oldest daughter to school,… Read More »

gay dads

Gay Dads Father’s Day Round-Up


Thanks to a New Yorker cover and a Google video, there was a lesbian mom invasion on the Internets this Mother’s Day. Which left us wondering: what’s up with the gay daddies and papas this Father’s Day? Is there a similar invasion? Father’s Day and Pride are both during the month of June — that’s… Read More »

Mad Men Parenting

Bad Parenting from the Ad Men of Mad Men


Sometimes we look to art to inform our actions. Do not look to the beloved cast of Mad Men for fathering advice. The 60’s were an incredible time in America — especially if you were a non-breathable fabric — but despite the rosy recollections of many lazy memories, children didn’t exactly place high on their… Read More »


Shifting to the Stay-at-Home-Dad Lane


I can barely remember what I said in my letter last December, but I’m here with an update on life and kids and work and recording and kids. If there’s another post after this, I can add “parenting expert” to my bio, right? What I’ve been thinking about: how life changes in an instant when my kids… Read More »

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What Do Dads Want?


Father’s Day is rolling around again — and I have another kid in tow. My boy Cedar of 2 ½ years will undoubtedly make me another artistic wonder to hang on my studio wall — and sweet little three-month-old Frankie will hand over the first card made on her behalf by my wife Eden. Father’s… Read More »

12 Awesome Vintage Dad Photos


Stylish dads across the decades, we salute you! Dad style never goes out of fashion, and to prove our point, we’ve rounded up these 12 amazing photos as photographic proof of awesome dads across the decades. From stripey shirts and aviators (above) to wool coats and bundled babies (below) these vintage dads all have one… Read More »

Father’s Day Traditions Made Cooler


A creative take on the traditional Father’s Day customs In true Bunch fashion, we’ve put a fun spin on some of the age-old Father’s Day traditions to help you inject some freshness into your family celebrations. Because the way you celebrate should be as unique as the man himself! BUYING A TIE VS. MAKING A… Read More »

A Father’s Day Reflection On Our Favourite Dads


In praise of the cool dad and all he does Chris Shulgan, author of Superdad: A Memoir of Rebellion, Drugs and Fatherhood  may have said it best himself: “while pop culture may be behind the times in portraying today’s engaged, awesome fathers, something different is happening in more niche counter-cultures, where musician dads and film director dads and writer… Read More »

DIY Monster Socks for Father’s Day


Give your favourite dad what he really wants this Father’s Day: a pair of super-cool monster socks He might not know it yet, but the dad in your life probably needs a sweet pair of custom-made, ferociously fierce DIY monster socks for Father’s Day. These little guys are inexpensive, fun and quick to make with… Read More »

Gavin McInnes Wished All Those Deadbeats a Happy Father’s Day


Gavin McInnes of streetcarnage.com is one of those dads who doesn’t want a present. I asked my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day, and like all dads who never abandoned their children he said, “Nothing.” I insisted he must want something and he said, “I would be content in an abyss” before adding, “if there… Read More »

How Do You Differ From Your Dad?


This week’s Bunch Poll in the National Post Ideas about fatherhood have changed pretty radically over the past few decades. Unless you live in the world of Real Housewives, dads are no longer the breadwinners who expect dinner to be ready when they step in the door after work. To use another TV analogy, it’s… Read More »

The Worst Dads in Film


If you’re not on this list, you must be doing something right Flavorpill’s rounded up who they deem to be the worst dads in cinematic history… and since their list includes domestic bullies, murderers, a pedophile and a Sith Lord, we’re not going to disagree with them. But bad dads can make for some pretty… Read More »


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