Gorgeous Eggs from Heritage Breeds – NO DYE!


We just can’t even wrap our brains around the existence of these eggs.   We first stumbled upon these eggs – so to speak – when a Bunch reader from Fergus posted some on Facebook noting, “This is not Photoshop, folks! They actually look like this.” Take a deep look at these pastel-hued multicoloured beauties.… Read More »

diy crayon eggs and sidewalk chalk

DIY Egg-Shaped Crayons and Sidewalk Chalk


Not one, but TWO awesomely easy crafts for your Easter-y enjoyment. We all have them laying around the house. Little bits of red crayons here, a blue without its paper wrapper over there, why not gather them all together and make some recycled crayons? We hunted around the interwebs and located these awesome egg-shaped baking… Read More »

Happy Easter and Passover from Bunch


We’ll see ya’ll on Monday!

How Bunch Celebrates Easter


We asked our bloggers what their plans are this weekend Are we all looking forward to big family get-togethers this weekend? Just as Easter Bunny tactics vary from house to house, so do the traditions and celebrations. We asked the Bunch crew about their holiday plans and traditions. “Just the usual: Easter egg hunt in… Read More »

6 Cool Easter Egg Hunts Happening Across the World


We applaud these egg hunt ideas that make Easter a little more magical On Easter morning, will your kids follow a trail of foil wrapped eggs from their bed to an Easter basket filled with festive confections in the living room? Most parents create some sort of Easter egg hunt on Easter morning, whether they… Read More »

Terrifying Easter Bunnies


There’s no way a grown man in a bunny suit isn’t terrifying, right? We had fun finding creepy chocolate bunnies, but at least you could eat those. That most likely defeats the evil. But while we were looking for creepy edible bunnies, we came across these. And excuse us for our second Donnie Darko reference,… Read More »

Edible Easter Baskets


These 5 simple recipes are a hand-held alternative to the symbolic egg basket Not as cumbersome as a conventional wicker basket, these hand-held sweeties are a perfect alternative for kids. By turning cookies, cupcakes and pie shells into egg holders, you have a dessert and a place to stash candies rolled into one! They’re no… Read More »

Night Parades, Pussy Willow Battles and Cheese Pyramids: Cool Easter Traditions Around the World


How international families are celebrating Easter Peep dioramas and creepy chocolate bunnies are fun and all, but the really awesome Easter traditions happen across the globe. We swept over five countries to give you a run down of the coolest family Easter customs we could find: some sinister, some delicious, some shocking. Rooted in folklore, these celebratory activities… Read More »

Creme Egg Cupcakes, Natural Egg Dyes and Bunny Songs: The Ultimate Bunch Guide to Easter


Make way for some seriously creative Easter ideas Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a sugar rush, a solid egg hunt and a killer brunch. Here at Bunch, we like to keep things interesting by throwing some unexpected tricks and treats into the Easter mix. We have some great ideas for DIY Easter bonnets and chow-mein birds… Read More »

Creepy Chocolate Easter Bunnies


Who could resist these seasonal treats? For the most part, bunnies are adorable. When in chocolate form, they’re also delicious. But as our pal Frank up there can attest, bunnies can also be a little bit terrifying. And just as the Elf on a Shelf showed us that sometimes well-intentioned toys creep us right the… Read More »

Bunny Songs from Todd McHatton and Elizabeth Mitchell


Beth Blenz-Clucas blogs about music for kids that grownups will love too “All the thoughts of a turtle are turtles, and of a rabbit, rabbits.” 
– Ralph Waldo Emerson When you’re trying to build a playlist to please kids, it’s hard to go wrong with novelty songs. The sillier the better, but it’s not easy… Read More »

Creme Egg Cupcakes, Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunts and DIY Easter Bunnies: Krista’s Easter Activity To-Do List


Krista Rao blogs about crafty adventures with her kids A super busy schedule around here the last couple of weeks hasnʼt really left us with any substantial time for crafting. Never fear, I have found pockets of time in which to dream, plan and bookmark crafting ideas that I am interested in doing. I have… Read More »


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