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Where Your Dare to Draw Stephen Lewis Foundation Donations Go


This is what the Stephen Lewis Foundation does with your generous donations For those of you participating in our Dare to Draw challenge, your kids have been dutifully creating drawings everyday for the last month while you sponsor them to do so. Now that the campaign’s wrapping up, it’s time to turn in those generous… Read More »

Dare to Draw Final Assignment: Draw Your Hands


Throw that last drawing up on the fridge (if there’s any room left), and give that tiny, trembling hand a high five. Retire those crayons (temporarily!) and relax – you and your kid should feel great about contributing your time and creative energy to turning the tides of AIDS in Africa. Seeing the masterpieces that poured… Read More »

Dare to Draw Weekend Round-Up and Assignment 29: A Kid in Africa


As we press on to the middle of February, the end of Dare to Draw is nigh The end of Dare assignments means that not only will you have to think of some new ways to keep your little artist’s hands busy, (we have crafts for that – check out our Valentine’s Day Ideas), but… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 26: Stars in the Sky


What to draw today: Hannah Potter drew the stars in the dark sky above her house. That’s her standing next to the big tree behind her house, looking up at the stars. How’s the Dare campaign coming in your house? Jen Farr, who runs Kitchen Counter Chronicles wrote a great summary and displayed some of… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 25: Your Community


A fine dare to draw challenge for day 25 For today’s assignment, 4-year-old Hannah drew her family with all the other families they hang out with. Looks like a fun community! And from a previous assignment, here’s Sam’s neighbourhood: And, we can say with some authority, it also has a pretty great community. Have you… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 24: Draw Someone Strong


Iron man? Xena Warrior Princess? One drawer decided to choose herself for a portrait of strength. We admire Hannah Potter’s gumption. This week, she drew two pictures. A big bedtime bear really steals the show in the first, her portrayal of a someone strong. Hannah chose to depict herself. When her mom asked why, Hannah replied… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 23: Your Favourite Game


Darers drawing what they love to do! Today’s Dare to Draw challenge is to draw your favourite game. Hannah Potter loves hockey, good Canadian that she is, so that’s what she drew. Also, note her players are drawn in blue. Go Leafs go! What do your kids love to play? Soccer? Candyland? Hopscotch? The floor… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 22: Where Food Comes From


Yes! Another concept drawing! Today’s challenge is to draw where food comes from. Like where water comes from, we figure kids will come up with an assortment of explanations. Will your kids interpret food as coming from whatever parent has prepared it for consumption? A trip to the grocery store? Will they draw some modern… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 19: Draw a Virus


The daring drawers take on a virus Teaching kids about HIV/AIDS is no easy task, even when you break it down into parts. Kids may know the word virus, but since it’s something we can’t see without the help of a microscope, it’s hard to know exactly what is it a what’s it’s doing in… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 18: Draw a Teacher


What the daring drawers are drawing today What did 4-year-old darer Hannah Potter draw for a teacher? Since she’s not in school yet, it’s her mom, Stephanie, teaching Hannah her letters. (We’re guessing Hannah will be in pretty good shape when she starts kindergarten next year.) Want to help Hannah and Bunch reach their fundraising… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment # 17: Draw Medicine


Presenting today’s tour de force! Hannah Potter’s interpretation of medicine shows her father, who is diabetic, taking insulin. This picture had Hannah’s family (and us) reflecting on how fortunate we are to live in Canada. Making a change in other countries that may not have access to health care services starts with programs like Dare to… Read More »

Dare to Draw Assignment 16: WILDCARD!


Today, our artists draw whatever they want! There’s a lot going on in Hannah Potter’s depiction of a busy and colourful highway. A starry and sunny sky rains and snows, and Hannah stands in the far right, looking a little hesitant – due to the weather, we imagine. (Typical of Halifax, according to Hannah’s father.)… Read More »


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