WTF is going on in your 2-year-old’s head?


Jason Good is a man we love. A man we love because he writes things like this:


How to Toboggan


“I’m too tired to walk!” This from my son, Myron. He stood in the alley at the north end of Trinity Bellwoods Park, several garage doors behind me. I never deal especially well with whinging, but this homeward trip from the toboggan hill had already yielded several standoffs. I had a sudden urge to tilt… Read More »

Murray A. Lightburn, Christmas Dad and his partner and eldest child

Murray A. Lightburn, Christmas Dad


By Murray Lightburn I can barely recall Christmases from my childhood. I don’t really want to recall a great many things from (at least) the first 25 years or so of my life. Not that it was very bleak but I cannot say that it was a barrel of laughs either. In our house growing up,… Read More »

Charlie Brown, kids, snow and a whiskey by the tree.


Here I sit on the 14th day of December: my youngest daughter Ursula has just gone down for a nap and my oldest daughter has reluctantly gone off to school in the mighty grade of JK. (This may not bode well for future waking when she’s a teenager, but she loves it once she’s there). Meanwhile,… Read More »

Conscript in Santa’s Army


We’re driving along the Queensway to get burgers the other day — I’m in the passenger seat trying to find the radio station that only plays Christmas music because that’s the only station the kids will listen to this time of year — when Colum, our six-year-old, starts trying to do the math. I mean, how… Read More »

Bring On Winter Wonderland


Have you heard the GREAT news? Meteorologists predict a snowier than usual winter this year in Ontario. And much of the province was gorgeously doused last night. We’re excited to have Christopher Shulgan back with a  column about kids and winter sports: Welcome to the Bunny Slope. Skiing and snowboarding with young kids can be difficult. I did it… Read More »

Breastfeeding Dad Trevor MacDonald Stays Positive


Trevor MacDonald has sparked a nation-wide conversation—and he’s glad it’s happening A few short weeks ago, I started a new Facebook group called “Birthing and Breastfeeding Transmen and Allies.” I thought that perhaps a handful of people might eventually find the page and that we could have some interesting discussions. Today, the group already has over… Read More »

Dads Are The New Moms

Dads are the New Moms


More dads are enjoying at-home status than ever. Jes Watson thinks it’s about time.   No longer is spending 24/7 with your kids a blow to the male ego. According to an article in yesterday’s New York Times, approximately 626,000 men in the United States are at-home dads to the kids in their life while also working… Read More »

The Beatles as Dads: some great pictures of the Fab Four as fab dads

8 Awesome Photos of the Beatles as Dads


The Fab Four were fab dads too. The Beatles are hands-down one of the coolest bands of all time (hence our ever-amazing Bunch Guide to The Beatles for Kids). But after coming across this adorable photo of Paul McCartney with his baby tucked sweetly into his shirt yesterday, we were reminded of what awesome parents they were, too.… Read More »

Gavin McInnes Reviews “Brave”


Gavin is horrified to find Brave is filled with dated Scottish stereotypes We went to see the movie Brave this weekend with family friends the McCormacks and although the movie was good, it was filled with dated stereotypes about Scots. We went to see it in upstate New York because ticket prices are about half what they are… Read More »

Being Transgender on Father’s Day


Transgender Dad and Milk Junkie Trevor MacDonald shares what Father’s Day means to him A transgender woman on a forum I belong to posted the question, “Does anybody else really hate Father’s Day?” Unfortunately, many people have a hard time with holidays that are supposed to be about love, celebration and family. For transgender folks,… Read More »

Gavin McInnes’ Wife is Butfl, Osum and Cowal


Gavin McInnes shares his daughter’s precious notes to his family A lot of parents think their kids are abnormally gifted and cute and that makes it pretty awkward for those of us who do have abnormally gifted and cute children. Our daughter is only five and has already learned to read and write. The notes… Read More »


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