Shifting to the Stay-at-Home-Dad Lane


I can barely remember what I said in my letter last December, but I’m here with an update on life and kids and work and recording and kids. If there’s another post after this, I can add “parenting expert” to my bio, right? What I’ve been thinking about: how life changes in an instant when my kids… Read More »

fatherless father

What Do Dads Want?


Father’s Day is rolling around again — and I have another kid in tow. My boy Cedar of 2 ½ years will undoubtedly make me another artistic wonder to hang on my studio wall — and sweet little three-month-old Frankie will hand over the first card made on her behalf by my wife Eden. Father’s… Read More »


Convos With My 2 Year Old, Episodes 2 + 3


Canadian filmmaker Matthew Clarke and actor David Milchard have created two more episodes of the hilariously weird/creepy Convos With My 2-Year Old. Clarke told Global that the inspiration for the series came after he “stepped out of a conversation” with his two-year-old daughter Coco. He thought the first episode might get 100 hits or so: Episode One  currently has 5,813,937 views on YouTube. Meanwhile, Milchard said… Read More »


Zebra Finches Learn To Sing From Their Dad And Siblings — Just Like the Jackson 5


There are awesome dads everywhere. Young Zebra Finches learn how to sing from their dads and, together with their siblings, create new tunes based on their father’s song. If dad isn’t around, a young Finch who learned from his dad will teach his other siblings dad’s song. (If you’re wondering, female finches don’t sing.) As human speech… Read More »

Dad Gear - Wake-N-Shake - photo by NDintenFass

Time Machine: How A Vibro Wrist-Alarm Can Transport You To The Present


I never knew how precious sleep could be. My wife and I share the room with our son Ted, whose erratic night wakings became so frequent that at their worst, each night was a sort of a fever dream blurring into the next. When we finally did catch some Zs, the last thing either of us wanted… Read More »

Dads Mitchell and Orrin

How To Make A Family: A Bunch Documentary


  Last summer, just days before the birth of their twins via gestational surrogate, Mitchell Marcus and Orrin Wolpert graciously let me, our former editor, Jes Watson, and our video guy, Adam, invade their home. This is the freaking awesome story of how their babies, Yael and Eytan, came to be. It’s a tale of friendship (would you give your best friends… Read More »


More Useful Devices: A Compact for Dudes


When I first started wearing my son, Ted, I stole my wife’s compact and carried it around with me. She has yet to be down with this. “What’s he doing — is he upset? How’s he hanging there?” “See, this is why I carry a mirror.” “No, that is why you carry my mirror.” “Hey, if it’s… Read More »

Fisher Price record player

original Fisher Price Record Player (& records)


I bought this Fisher Price record player about 18 years ago now. This was long before I became a dad — I used it as a sound source to make tape loops. I only really used the turntable for personal demos and experiments; it never quite made it onto a studio album. Last year we had… Read More »

the decoy

More Useful Devices: The Decoy


There must be some kind of law in the universe that babies are inevitably drawn to things that aren’t toys. Put them in a sunny meadow full of butterflies and stuffed animals and somehow they’ll get their hands on a dirty diaper. In any given living room the forbidden fruit may be magazines, library books, TV… Read More »


Useful Devices for Wrangling Young’uns


Becoming a new parent is more than hard. It’s like your eyes are suddenly opened to all the chaos in the universe, a world of insanity comprising bodily fluids of every possible colour, spilled cheerios and jingling toys. Babies, man. Which is why as a new Dad you need to turn to aspects from your past… Read More »

superdads don't bale

Superdads Don’t Bale!


Unlike pretty much every one of the world’s ski hills, the city-run slope at Earl Bales Park near the intersection of Bathurst and Sheppard begins at the top. That is, the parking lot, the rental facility, the cafeteria and the washrooms all exist above the Earl Bales incline. At most ski hills, you put on… Read More »

Kids versus Mountain Equipment Co-op


I find it really difficult to bring kids into gear outfitters. Basically you need a black belt in parenting to pull it off without an argument or some other incident. Sporting Life, the Patagonia store, that new Meltdown snowboard shop south of King on Dufferin, Sign of the Skier and Skiis and Biikes … these… Read More »


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