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Stroller Dad Shoes


I caught myself jogging this afternoon. At first I thought I was running, but then I realized I wasn’t even late for anything. Definitely jogging. It must have started on the big hill I push the double stroller up twice a day (see also Stroller Guns) — once to take my oldest daughter to school,… Read More »

A lament for the terminally self-conscious hipster dad. photo (c) 2013 Helen Spitzer

Am I Doing This Right?


A Lament For (and By) The Terminally Self-conscious Dad. Rationally, I understand that no one is paying attention to me or my daughter when we’re out together. That is, unless she muscles in ahead of another toddler in the queue for the slide, hunkers down with somebody else’s favourite shovel or makes an impassioned plea for… Read More »

Parental Leave: Daniel Murphy takes a measly three days off to bond with his new baby and support his wife, and baseball freaks the fuck out

Ball Player Takes Parental Leave — Radio Jocks Freak Out


It’s a kind of litmus test for the cultural shift that’s happening, as more and more dads insist on being hands-on during their children’s earliest days: New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy missed the season opener and took three whole days off when his first child was born last week. Cue the end of the… Read More »

stroller guns: hauling twins around will build them, fast

Stroller Guns


When I wear a t-shirt, I like to think I get noticed thanks to my engorged biceps. I call them my guns. But these aren’t just your garden variety guns — they’re Stroller Guns. Sure, maybe they’re only impressive or even noticeable to me. I used to be the scrawny guy who got sand kicked… Read More »

Rad Dad Nick and daughter Elena

Pretty Rad For A Dad: Documentary + Hub For Fathers


In the all-encompassing stratosphere of parenting, it’s often a mom’s world. Now three Aussie dads are making other dads some wiggle room of their own. Pretty Rad for a Dad is a kickstarter campaign with the aim of making a documentary exploring the world of fatherhood in all its diversity. We’re talking single dads, gay dads, immigrant… Read More »


I Can’t Get … ‘Satisfaction’


“Dad, did you know one of the Beatles was killed?” asked my five-year-old son during dinner one day. “Yes, I did know that,” I replied. 


Kids With No Money


I make songs, some of which harangue the world — and the world mostly don’t want to be harangued, so I don’t always have much money. My wife is a poet, the only profession that pays less than haranguing, and she does freelance writing from home so we kind of get along on that. It’s… Read More »

R2D2 Cake

Dad Makes R2D2 Cake With Princess Leia Projection


Ambitious geek-dad Marc Freilich has a son who is a big Star Wars fan. So for his son’s big 06, Freilich decided to make an R2D2 cake — and then decided that no decent R2D2 cake comes without a Princess Leia projection, duh. Freilich put a pico projector inside the cake’s dome and used a Princess… Read More »


How We Roll


Last Tuesday, my daughter fell off her bike and cried. It was one of those full body wails; a slow contortion of her face, the heart-breaking lip pout and then the stream of tears. It was a bad fall, but a hug from her dad made it all better. Or at least it would have.… Read More »

Ron Hawkins

Ron Hawkins On Telling Your Kid About Jail Time


The best time for an in-depth discussion about social justice is while applying sunscreen before leaving for school in the morning. Or so my seven-year-old daughter Ruby B decided. “Dad, have you ever seen a jail?” “Yeah sure. The Don jail is right in the neighbourhood where I grew up.” “Have you ever seen the inside… Read More »

gay dads

Gay Dads Father’s Day Round-Up


Thanks to a New Yorker cover and a Google video, there was a lesbian mom invasion on the Internets this Mother’s Day. Which left us wondering: what’s up with the gay daddies and papas this Father’s Day? Is there a similar invasion? Father’s Day and Pride are both during the month of June — that’s… Read More »

Make Cool Stuff

New Book! Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints For Cool Stuff


Into cool stuff? Desperately searching for a Father’s Day present for a dad into making cool stuff? Look no further. After writing a kid-friendly ‘How To’ column for several years on MAKE, U.K. dad and creative director Scott Bedford has written a book with 67 blueprints for some pretty wicked ideas: Martian door decal, an earthquake coat hook,  slingshot car… Read More »


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