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Dad Gear - Wake-N-Shake - photo by NDintenFass

Time Machine: How A Vibro Wrist-Alarm Can Transport You To The Present


I never knew how precious sleep could be. My wife and I share the room with our son Ted, whose erratic night wakings became so frequent that at their worst, each night was a sort of a fever dream blurring into the next. When we finally did catch some Zs, the last thing either of us wanted… Read More »


More Useful Devices: A Compact for Dudes


When I first started wearing my son, Ted, I stole my wife’s compact and carried it around with me. She has yet to be down with this. “What’s he doing — is he upset? How’s he hanging there?” “See, this is why I carry a mirror.” “No, that is why you carry my mirror.” “Hey, if it’s… Read More »

the decoy

More Useful Devices: The Decoy


There must be some kind of law in the universe that babies are inevitably drawn to things that aren’t toys. Put them in a sunny meadow full of butterflies and stuffed animals and somehow they’ll get their hands on a dirty diaper. In any given living room the forbidden fruit may be magazines, library books, TV… Read More »

Useful Devices for Wrangling Young’uns


Becoming a new parent is more than hard. It’s like your eyes are suddenly opened to all the chaos in the universe, a world of insanity comprising bodily fluids of every possible colour, spilled cheerios and jingling toys. Babies, man. Which is why as a new Dad you need to turn to aspects from your past… Read More »


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