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Queer family news round-up – Feb 1 edition


I Want You To Know I’m Gay So I Baked A Cake A 15-year-old named “Lauren” decided the best way to come out to her parents was to bake a cake. Right?  She posted the picture on her Tumblr site, and bada boom, bada bing, the world has another teen coming out story that’s gone… Read More »

Queer parenting news round-up


Here’s your latest news round-up from the world of queer parenting. 1. 11-year old writes essay to President Barack Obama telling him to not to forget trans folk. Sadie, an 11-year old transgendered girl in the United States, was proud of her President for including queer people in his inauguration speech this week. But she… Read More »

The Regent Park Aquatic Centre change rooms


I love swimming. As a child, I remember the thrill I felt one day when I arrived home, convinced my mom had installed a pool in our basement while I’d been out. photo by Tommy Wong Really, she’d just cleaned with bleach. But our home smelled like a pool, and I was young — with high hopes… Read More »

We’ve Made It: Lesbian Moms Are Everywhere


Here’s the proof – we’ve even infiltrated Disney. (Yikes.) 1. Ok. I’m getting cold. It must be from what’s frozen down below. Disney Channel’s “Make Your Mark” featured a teen, Ben, and his two moms last month. (Yes, as in, two lesbian moms.) You can’t see the video in Canada, so you’ll have to live… Read More »

Queer families in the news: the brave and outspoken youth edition


1.  Queer bloggers don’t exist at Christian College Except that they do. Queer bloggers writing under pseudonyms at Patrick Henry College in the US have stirred it up enough to get the college founder and chancellor’s, Dr. Michael Farris, attention. If you count total denial they exist as attention. Dr. Farris told the Loudoun Times, “It’s simple, really. Homosexuals can’t… Read More »

The girl and the bob cut and the mommy with hair anxiety


Our three-year-old has bang issues. Her adorable brown locks grow faster than anything else on her person and, as we’ve recently learned, it’s worth the $15 to see Sophie the hairdresser and have them professionally cut, as opposed to her having a chronically crooked mommy-cut fringe across her forehead. So, with bangs covering her eyes,… Read More »

Queer parents in the news: CFL-er proud of his lesbian mom


1. JON CORNISH DOES US PROUD This year’s CFL Canadian of the Year winner, Jon Cornish, has no problem speaking his mind. Cornish told the National Post, “I’m actually pretty outspoken. I don’t like certain slurs being used, and any time I hear them, I speak up.” Right on. So, as Canada went Grey Cup a-go-go… Read More »

My three-year-old: the Happiest Kid in ER


Life is funny. And I don’t mean funny ha ha. I mean, funny how it throws stuff at you and you deal in whatever way you can. For the past two weeks, we’ve been dealing with my father recovering from a broken hip. He was hit by a school bus while crossing the street just… Read More »

Queer Parents in the News


1. UTAH SCHOOL DISTRICT SUED In Our Mothers’ House just keeps stirring it up in Utah. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing a Utah school district for removing Patricia Polacco’s book, In Our Mothers’ House from their library shelves. Currently, students can only access the book if they bring in a signed permission slip from their parents, according to the Salt… Read More »

Obama win: super good news for Canadian queer spawn


Kids notice stuff. The other day, my five-year old asked why all her daycare teachers have dark skin, while all the teachers at school have white skin. At that moment, I decided that I couldn’t effectively tackle the complexities of institutional racism and sexism and crunch them into a preschool level. Instead, I opted to… Read More »

Queer parents in the News


1. GAY DADS IN AUSTRALIA EARN PAID PARENTAL LEAVE Though there is still no same sex marriage in Australia, queer dads recently gained an important victory when the country passed the Paid Parental Leave and Other Legislation Amendment, which grants equal access to paid parental leave benefits for both same and opposite sex families. Under… Read More »

What to wear this Halloween? costume ideas for parents


Let’s be honest. October 31st is not just for the kids. Halloween is a chance for queer parents to get our freak on and be our true delicious selves, costumed up, for one night a year. With the kids around, costumes need to have a certain PG element, so here’s my list of kid-friendly yet queer-adult-approved… Read More »


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