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Mission: Create Superhero Rainbow Shield For Pride


Step 1: Gather your neighbours Step 2: All you need is cardboard and paint Step 3: Lots of paint Step 4: Debate with friends – is neon be part of the Pride rainbow? Heck yes! Remember: Don’t touch wet paint! Pride shields! (Note: the artists’ interpretations of “rainbow” may vary, but the Pride stays the… Read More »

Diverse Neighbourhood

Why We Chose A Diverse Neighbourhood


I grew up in the smallest house, on the cheapest side of the tracks in one of the whitest neighbourhoods in Toronto. From that experience, I grew up with the following assumptions: • People are usually white • No one except my dad has an accent • Everyone is thin except us • Everyone comes from England… Read More »

Queer Parenting News Round-Up – June 7


The latest queer parenting news round-up! The male donors are all right Lesbian parents are satisfied with how much contact we have with male donors, and we usually don’t think of known donors as dads, according to according to a study out of the Williams Institute. Participants in the study say they think of their relationships… Read More »

A Grave, An Epic Ride + My Blended Family


By Meri Perra My mom’s grave was at first a burden. Neither my sister nor I saw it as a place we would want to go to. It took 18 months for us to get a stone – and only then because we were prompted by a gentle nudge from my stepfather’s family, who shares a… Read More »

The Pretty Police


Before going back to finish school a few years ago, I spent the summer at home with my girls – aged one and three at the time. It was one of the best summers of my life. We lived at the wadding pool, played in our sprinkler – and took long, slow walks on shaded… Read More »


I’ve Got Straight Mother’s Day Envy


By Meri Perra I don’t know if you noticed, but we lesbians are the hot thing this Mother’s Day. The New Yorker featured a lesbian couple on their cover (in the nicest kitchen I’ve ever seen in a lesbian-headed household). Google gave us a shout-out in their Mother’s Day video: And BuzzFeed has a list of 15 Mother’s Day… Read More »

Queer Parenting News Round-Up


By Meri Perra Need-to-know stuff is happening in the world of queer parenting. Here’s the latest: Lesbian Mom Wedding Spree! A lesbian mom couple from Jonesboro, Georgia took a unique family vacation recently, where they got married NINE times in eight different cities in 10 days. Hey, if you’ve got the rights, use them – right?… Read More »

Procrastination, My Mom, Taxes and Me

On Procrastination, My Mom and Taxes


My mother was an organized, thoughtful woman who never forgot a friend’s birthday. She answered the door with hors d’oeuvres out when guests arrived, a clean kitchen, perfect hair and – remarkably – a calm smile. Growing up, we were almost always early for everything, and did things like return library books on time. Then… Read More »


Boy gives amazing same-sex marriage speech


It may be time to hand over the fight for gay rights to our kids. There’s Zach Wahls, who is near becoming a same-sex marriage rights guru. There’s Kenneth Faried, the NBA player who’s been talking up his love for his lesbian moms everywhere. And now there’s 12-year-old Matthew Lannon, who grew tired of watching his parents go… Read More »

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The Other Queer Parents in the Room


Hopping around and trying out different pools for swimming lessons — whichever one you’ve managed to fight your way into at Parks and Recreation registration time — gives an excellent overview of our city demographics. There are the pools which are a true cross-section of our city. The ones with at least four different languages going on in… Read More »

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Queer Parenting News – Love edition


Welcome to Thursday! After more than two years (!!) of coming to you on Fridays, Queer as Moms is moving to Thursdays, so don’t go thinking it’s TGIF! (Probably no one but me is doing that – but there’s a public service announcement for you all.) I’m sticking to the habit of summing up the… Read More »

Sesame Street: What’s Missing? A Gay Character


Dear Sesame Street, Hearty congratulations on your Divorce Toolkit. As an adult child of divorced parents, your videos of Abby dealing with her “big feelings” struck a nerve – and touched my heart. It reminds me of the massive response to Sesame Street’s I Love My Hair video from back in 2010, where a little brown muppet sang… Read More »


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