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communication book

The Communication Book


Those of you with teenagers will be familiar with the frequency of one-word answers to complex questions. When you dare ask, “How was school today?” the answer is typically a monosyllabic, “Good.” If you ask a follow-up question seeking more information such as, “What did you do today at school?” you’ll likely hear: “Work” or… Read More »

shirt sleeves: have you ever thought about how hard it is to do this, have your shirt sleeves tucked nicely inside your jacket?

Shirt Sleeves and Confounding Things


Ever thought about how much work it is to keep your shirt sleeves pulled down while putting on your coat? Think about those mornings when you’re rushing out the door, throwing on your coat and sprinting to catch the streetcar. You get on and find yourself crowded sardine-like, standing face-to-face with fellow commuters for the… Read More »

autism test

Have You Taken the Quiz? How Autistic Are You?


So I’ve said to my editor previously, “I would rather not do the whole political commentary thing on issues related to autism.” But then along came that letter. And now a new Facebook app — one that I cannot help but write about. A few years ago a new ‘quiz’ appeared: people took the Autism Spectrum Disorder… Read More »

forgive my ranting but would you please stop staring? Image of Jack Nicholson from The Shining

Forgive My Ranting, But Please Stop Staring!


I wrote and rewrote this column, and then read and reread it – and guess what? I think I may actually be having a small rant! So, consider that a bit of a disclaimer and a warning. Let me first tell you about two recent outings with Georgia. 1. A few nights ago we went to the… Read More »

new lesson

Old Repetition; A New Lesson


Last week I talked a lot about repeating.  Not to repeat myself here, but I’m going to talk some more about repeating. Late last night I devoured a great little book called The Reason I Jump. I turned out my light at 2:20 am and I lay awake. I was feeling pretty humbled by what… Read More »

agony of repeat

The Agony of Repeat


I love repetition. No really, I love repetition. No, really. I love repetition. If I say it enough times, I may actually believe it. Georgia loves repetition. In fact, she’s pretty well wired to love it. There is much discussion and evidence that kids with autism love repetition. And Georgia is living proof. She loves to… Read More »


Life With Georgia Reflects On The Letter


Trust me – this is the most difficult column I’ve ever written for Life with Georgia. It may surprise you and it may not be exactly what you want to hear. Plenty of media attention, radio and television air time and space on social networking sites has been devoted to a hate-filled letter to a mother… Read More »

On Vacation, Just Like Everybody Else


We just returned from our annual family trek to South Carolina. We vacation at a little beach-side place for a few weeks every summer and have been doing so for years now. I don’t foresee us tiring of the fabulous stretch of beach and sun-soaked weather; I suspect we’ll be back for many more years… Read More »

Rewards of child rearing. Photo of Georgia on a boat - image by Nancy Walton (c) 2013



Rewards. I often think about those little inherent rewards of child-rearing. How we, as parents, get them. What kinds of rewards we want. What we do to seek them out.  I know that parenting kids should be a reward in and of itself. Uh huh. But let’s face it – we all look for those… Read More »

What if ...?

What If … ?


In line today at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in South Carolina I took note of the surfeit of tabloids and magazines whose editors are apparently obsessed with Kate and Will’s as-yet-unborn baby. Second prize for excessive publicity goes to the new Kardashian-West compilation baby.

For J.

For J.


Last week I talked and thought a lot about milestones. And then in the middle of my Oh-I-am-having-so-many-difficult-milestones week, a terrible and sad milestone happened. My good friend J died. I am pretty sure that he was 28 years, 2 months and 18 days old. Too soon and too early. I’ve been finding myself lying… Read More »


Milestones and Umami: Georgia Graduates


So it’s the month of milestones. Birthdays, graduation, change. Milestones. Groan. Georgia is graduating from Grade 8. She’s moving into high school. She turned 14 this weekend. I can say it all with a smile but also through gritted teeth. I don’t know why but milestones are tough for me. Maybe they are for everyone… Read More »


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