Dollars and Sense

To Allowance or Not to Allowance?


By Deanna McFadden When I was small, my mother was very clear about many things–we weren’t to eat a lot of sugar, and we were never to have an allowance. Her rationale was that we never wanted for anything (true) and that she didn’t believe in allowances. My mother had a tragic accident when I was… Read More »

Rainy Day Saving + Debt


By Deanna McFadden Like so many families, we’ve been working hard to claw our way out of the debt we “fell” into (ahem, jumped headlong into) while I was on mat leave. Yes, my son is two and a half. Yes, I’ve been back at work for one and a half years now. But it was… Read More »

On Pennies and Pinching


Every year I make New Year’s Revolutions and, for the most part, forget about them. Well, that’s not entirely true — I remember them about a week before I make the next year’s ones, then promptly forget about those too. There are some where I’ve failed miserably (see 2009’s “Stop the Internet Coma”) and some… Read More »

Please Don’t Spoil My Son On My Behalf


There’s nothing like the holidays to ramp up that sense of wonder my toddler has about the world these days. Even now that we’re into January, when he stands on his little green stool in front of the window and shouts, “Look at the Christmas lights!” at the top of his lungs, I get a… Read More »


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