Being Precious

Homeward Bound


Precious Chong takes her ex-husband, his wife and their new baby home to mom. We’re kind of together,” I told the lady at the airline counter, and then the security person and the flight attendant who took our tickets. I said that several times during our travels from Toronto to Vancouver, B.C. The “we” being me,… Read More »

This Friday: a “Time Out” for parents


I’ve dabbled in the stand-up world since I was in my twenties. I’ve been friends with comedians my whole life but it’s only over the past few years that I’ve really started performing stand-up on a regular basis. I think it’s because I actually have things I want to talk about now. And let’s face… Read More »

Oh, Christmas.


Christmas! Since Wes and I split up, Jack has spent most of his Christmases with me and my family in Vancouver. On our separation agreement we agreed to alternate Christmases, but Wes has been generous enough to let Jack spend them with my extended family in Vancouver. Wes’ family lives in Niagara Falls so they… Read More »

What’s Marijuana?


Precious Chong on an innocent question, and a longer answer. “Mommy, what’s marijuana?” I knew this moment would come, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. We were in Los Angeles driving to the airport and they were talking about legalizing marijuana on the radio. “Well Jack … marijuana is a herb that people smoke… Read More »

Having It All (Together)


I was so organized this year! I mean, it was mostly by accident. It was late September and Jack and I were at the local Value Village and I ran into a friend who was with her daughter buying a Halloween costume. In September! “Jack, let’s pick out one for you. What do you want… Read More »

How to Season a Traveller


Precious Chong thinks back to traveling with a two-year-old. airport photo by Susannah Cooke Right now I’m on a plane with Jack, flying back to Toronto from  Los Angeles. He’s a good travel companion and we’ve done this trip a couple of times a year since he was a year and a half. At seven… Read More »

Paris and Learning to Love the Other Co-Parent


Precious Chong on getting along with your new co-parent and dreams of Paris Early on in our separation, Wes and I both agreed that we would not introduce Jack to anyone we were “seeing” unless we were fairly certain it was serious.  When Wes told me he had met someone that he wanted to introduce… Read More »

Not Invited to the Perfectly Perfect Parenting Party


Precious Chong wonders why people can’t get comfortable with her unconventional family Okay, maybe I’m projecting and maybe I’m completely making up some paranoid story but there’s this woman at Jack’s school who I feel gives me the cold shoulder on purpose. She also happens to be a photographer who took some “family” portraits of… Read More »

All Hail the Mighty Co-Parenting Schedule


Precious Chong delves into the messy business of creating a co-parenting schedule Wes and I make our schedule each week. I text him what days/nights I need off (to perform, work etc…) and he makes up the schedule. He also keeps track of who has Jack three nights and who has him four nights of… Read More »

It’s Not Easy Being Celebrity Spawn


Normal life events get complicated when your dad is Tommy Chong My dad has early stage prostate cancer.  It’s very treatable.  It’s contained.  He’s taking very good care of himself and he has an amazing attitude.  Really, his reaction and action to this event has been an inspiration to me in so many ways.  However…… Read More »

Breastfeeding and Dating Don’t Mix


Precious Chong blogs about co-parenting alongside her ex and his new fiancee Looking back, one of the things that scared me the most about leaving my marriage was the thought of dating again. I had a baby. I was pushing 40. I was still breastfeeding. Call me crazy, but dating and breastfeeding just don’t really… Read More »

On Vaccinations: Opinions are Like Assholes, Everyone’s Got One


Precious Chong blogs about co-parenting alongside her ex and his new fiancee Jack did not get any vaccinations until he was around five. Our first doctor was in Los Angeles, Dr. Jay Gordon. He was recommended by my midwife in L.A. who was adamant that Dr. Jay come and do the first check-up on Jack… Read More »


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