world cup flag finder

World Cup 2014 Flag Spotting Game


I love the flags of the World Cup — the way humble houses become castles earnestly festooned with small lawn flags and cars fly colours like ships at sea. Toronto feels like the port of the world during the World Cup and when my children were younger I saw it as a chance to have some fun… Read More »

Wild Panama City


“Look — a flying banana!” My husband had not lost his mind. He was pointing at a toucan, and yes – with its huge bill a flash of yellow-green – it did indeed look like a flying banana. As you may have guessed, we weren’t home in Toronto. We were in Panama City, capital of… Read More »

zip it

Life as a Prompt-o-Tron


On the weekend, Georgia and I had a Kramer vs. Kramer moment. Of sorts. The scene I’m referring to is close to the end of the movie: Dustin Hoffman’s character and his son make breakfast together. They work silently, in complete coordination with a smooth choreography that only comes from a shared routine. The scene is… Read More »

Live Your Dreams, Even the Weird Ones

Whose Dream Should I Be Living?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about modern messaging about ‘Living Your Dreams.’ If you’ve ever been on a social network, you’ve already seen the taglines that triggered this post: Give it all up. Get off the grid. Be more courageous. Travel now. Live authentically. Close your computer. “You don’t have to be a millionaire to… Read More »

Georgia Loves Me: Let Me Count The Ways

Georgia Loves Me — This I Know


One day last week I asked Georgia, as I do every day, what she did at school. Typically her answer is one serious word: ‘Work,’ without any further elaboration. But that day when I probed further, she said she had been in art class. I asked what she was making. “A Mother’s Day card,” was her reply.… Read More »


Hope Is A Thing With Spokes


It’s spring. Well, it is spring some places in the world. We in Toronto are enduring the season finale of “Grey and Rainy,” but the farmers’ market opens tomorrow and hope springs eternal. Hope for lovely fresh spring days when you can linger on a patio, go for a walk, plant flowers or even ride your bike. For many, spring is the… Read More »

City Kids and City Trees — Natural Allies


When I was a kid, I climbed up into the great branches of the enormous Silver Maple in our yard. I spent hours in that temple of green. But my downtown backyard has no such tree, so how can I share this experience with my kids? Luckily, our city is full of trees. The view from the CN Tower is a… Read More »

spring into earth day action: commit to planet mindfulness

Earth Day — Spring Into Action!


The signs are unmistakable: robins singing and green shoots poking out of the garden. Spring is finally here. And Earth Day is just around the corner, which is what got me started on this adventure. Last April I was teaching my five-year old how to plant seeds and writing my first Wild City post. Starting Wild City was our family’s Earth… Read More »

photo (c) 2001 Nancy Walton

On Guilt


Just a few weeks ago a new study confirmed that the benefits of breastfeeding have been overstated. After reviewing decades of research, the researchers say that previous claims to better outcomes and other advantages of breastfeeding over bottle-feeding are not true. Studies up until now, they say, have failed to capture other contextual factors leading… Read More »

‘Nicotine’ (neonicotinoid) is bad for bees too


You don’t want your kids to smoke, right? Turns out, nicotine-like substances are harmful to bees as well, especially when it comes to producing more queen bees – the ‘super moms’ of the colonies. The fate of bees and other insects is important because about a third of the food we eat, one bite in every… Read More »

Nancy and Georgia - then and now

Mixed Signals


I’ve been thinking a lot about how we see our kids, and how the rest of the world sees our kids. And mostly how we see our kids as we envision them growing up, becoming adults, and living lives of their own. I think about this in a very nebulous, general sense. And then I… Read More »

Saying Goodbye to Seeku


And then there was one.   Until a few weeks ago, we had been a two-cat family for years. Walter, our newest addition, was a two-year-old rescue, fun-loving and goofy and uber-friendly. We added him to the family and quickly couldn’t remember when he wasn’t around. Seeku, our old cat, was about thirteen when Walter joined us.… Read More »


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