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Kinect Sesame Street Invites Kids To Play Along Like Never Before


There’s a new way to get to Sesame Street   Last week, we told you about the app that lets you call Elmo for a chat if you find yourself in a tight parenting jam. Now the whole Sesame Street crew wants to invite your kid to join in the fun through your TV. Are you… Read More »

Cabbagemania 2012: The Cabbage Patch Kids Get Stylin’ Makeover


A fresh crop of dolls are bringing some serious flavour to the patch Back in the ’80s, Cabbage Patch Kids were some of our most beloved toys. You probably feel us when we say that we didn’t just love playing with them, we cared for them. Deeply. You didn’t just buy them, you adopted them.… Read More »

Bratz Go Bald For A Cause


Beautiful and Bald Barbie has met her match You might know them as Barbie’s even more hyperbolic (if that’s possible) cat-eyed counterparts. The 80+ unique personalities in the Bratz brigade made a stylish foray into the toy world back in 2001. Now, the Bratz are welcoming a few new friends to their crew —and these ones… Read More »

Box Play Stickers: The Solution To Your Kid’s Everyday Craft Needs


The coolest, easiest way to get crafty with boxes   The only downside of “beautiful junk” crafts is that it takes time. In a perfect world, we’d have endless hours to turn cardboard boxes into arcades, or make dollhouses out of juice cartons. Hanging out with your kid and doing crazy silly fun stuff like that is well,… Read More »

Design Nerd Flashcard image by Emma Cook of MakeNice

Design Nerd Flashcards Teach Techie ABCs


ABCs for modern tykes. Just in time for back-to-school, we stumbled upon these adorable flashcards for modern kids from the magic brain of illustrator and designer Emma Cook. The deck is designed for ‘geek-hipster-interwebbers’ who want their kids to learn the ABCs with a side of nerdy humour. Apple imagery, chat lingo and tech accessories get… Read More »

Andy Warhol Goes Vinyl


You might fight your kids to play with this Andy Warhol doll Ladies and gentleman, here’s another one to add to your wish lists. Japanese company Medicom Toys is releasing a brand-spanking new doll in the likeness of Andy Warhol himself.  The 23-inch vinyl replica comes in two awesome versions, the Normal— featuring changeable hair… Read More »

7 Cool and Fully Loaded Lunch Bags and Boxes


The right tote can take a regular PB&J to more delicious levels How can you make school lunches a little more fun? On a really good morning, you might stick in some heartfelt notes, a lunch bag heart pocket, or create a healthy lunchbox smorgasbord ala Chef Anthony Rose. But the universe doesn’t always allow for such luxuries. So… Read More »

8 Smart and Stylish Backpacks For Serious Back-to-School Style


These fierce packs make the grade Supreme storage capabilities? Check. Durable design? Check. A sweet look? Check check! Your kids’ backpack is an opportunity to make a cool statement and also a crucial part of their school preparedness. Having the right one will make them feel like they’re set to take on the world, starting with the… Read More »

Essential Cottage Gear for Super Fun Days and Nights By the Lake


The best goods for creative lakeside living: check out our roundup of essential cottage gear. Lets face it: even the cottage isn’t boredom-proof. It takes planning to make the most of those hazy days and still nights away. Stock up the car with these goodies and you can be sure your next trip to the lake… Read More »

5 Kid-Friendly Cameras For Summer Memory Keeping (and Making)


Introduce your kid to photography beyond the phone picture The magic of photography is as mystifying as it is fascinating for kids –  diving right into the big world of digital cameras may result in disaster. There are lots of options for young artistes who are a level-up from a disposable camera, but not quite ready to… Read More »


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