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Mother from Cat in the Hat speaks

BREAKING: Mother From Cat In The Hat Finally Speaks


You have got to get over to the Motherlode right now! Have you ever wondered where the mother was when the Cat in the Hat came to play that day? The New York Times is holding her to account.

disney fans

A Disney Heroine Not White As Snow


The internet is a magical place if the world at large is failing you. Take for example the recent case of Disney’s new film, Frozen. Many fans are dejected to find the usual formula for feminine beauty (1. white 2. skinny 3. blonde) again being played for box office dollars. Because the story takes place in the… Read More »

sunscreen and toddlers

Sunscreen,Toddlers: Hilarious Awfulness


I am slowly learning how fun it is to get another human being to do something he doesn’t want to do. Welcome to Two.

a beautiful body

It’s A Beautiful Body of Work


Photographer Jade Beall was sick of feeling bad about her post-baby body and wanted to inspire other women to embrace their newly altered selves. She started taking pictures of herself. They were honest, unphotoshopped images of a woman’s post-pregnancy body. After posting a few photos on her Facebook page women started contacting her, asking to… Read More »

Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

QUINOA: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter


On a Pinterest page titled My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter, writer Tiffany Beveridge  discovered two things that go great together: sarcastic humour targeted at hipster kidswear — and Pinterest.

Fisher-Price Music Box single

Watch Toddlers Play Fisher-Price Music Box single


Remember us getting excited about the Hilotrons track as a Fisher-Price Music Box single? We thought you’d like to see the calming effect it has on even the most rambunctious of toddlers: Er … or not so calming effect: But music, sweet music! Read the whole story about how a brand new – double-sided! –… Read More »

Treehouse Masters Make The Home of Our Dreams


Did you have a treehouse in your backyard when you were growing up? If you did, it was nothing like this. Animal Planet’s new show Treehouse Masters features “tree whisperer” Pete Nelson, who builds real homes, with real electricity and real running water, in the treetops. The homes cost from $90,000 to $150,000. Is anyone else in Toronto… Read More »

sisters take a photo every year for life

Sisters Take a Photo Every Year of Their Life


In 1975, photographer Nicholas Nixon snapped a photo of his wife Bebe Brown with her three sisters. The resulting image was powerful. The sisters were so taken with the photograph that they decided to make it an annual event. Every year until 2010 the four sisters posed in the same order, though their proximity to… Read More »

Surrealist Photography by a 14-Year-Old


14-year-old Zev is known as ‘fiddle oak’ on Flickr. He’s mastered the art of surrealist photography at a level beyond his years. The teenager from Natick, Massachusetts has taken the internet by storm with his ‘Little Folk‘ series, where he turns portraits with everyday objects into magical images. Earth   Zev says he’s been taking pictures since he was eight… Read More »

Barbie Dream House

Berlin Women Protest Barbie Dreamhouse


A women’s rights group has had enough with Barbie and her ‘fantastic in plastic’ Barbie Dreamhouse. Femen picketed the opening of a life-sized Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin, Germany, stating that the “Dreamhouse Experience” objectified women. One topless protester set fire to a Barbie doll tied to a mini crucifix. Visitors to the Barbie Dreamhouse are… Read More »

Vintage Food Posters are Surprisingly Smart


During the two world wars, Americans (and Canadians) were subjected to as much war-effort propaganda from their governments as the Germans they were fighting. Interestingly, many of the food-related messages that the U.S. government produced are actually pretty great – and fit right in with present-day “Back to Basics” foodie culture. These vintage food posters are… Read More »

Disney Movie Title Makeovers


Walt Disney might be rolling over in his grave. Christine Gritmon, a writer/contributor to The FW, has reworked Disney film posters so that the titles get right to the point of the plot. The one above is  my favourite. I probably like it because I have COMPLETELY BOUGHT IN to this garbage line about what makes it all… Read More »


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