Lego woman palaeontologist figure

Lego Eyes DIY-er’s Female Scientist Minifigure


The world of overly-gendered toys may be changing, one female scientist mini-figure at a time.  Maybe. Lego, whose spurts of sexism and over-the-top girly mini-figures have caught the attention of everyone from empowered seven-year-olds to inventive parents to talented DIY-ers might just return to its more liberated roots. A user on the online Lego enthusiast community CUUSO is getting attention from Lego HQ after creating a… Read More »

Lego Calendar by Vitamins Design

Lego Calendar for Your Family


Thanks to a London, UK-based design firm, organizing your family’s lives may become fun. Vitamins Design has created a wall-sized Lego calendar. Time is organized by snapping bricks into the right slot on a board representing a three-month period. Each row represents a person, each column represents a day, and each colour represents a different project… Read More »

Monochromatic Lego bricks in white and translucent, part of Lego Architecture Studio, are being officially launched tomorrow in the USA

Tiny Design Nerds: Monochromatic Lego!


It’s been a while since there’s been any truly gripping Lego news. This one is for everyone who went crazy for the Lego Architecture series – the build-it-yourself Lego versions of iconic structures such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Launching tomorrow on the U.S. Lego online store is Lego Architecture Studio: 1200 monochromatic Lego pieces in white and… Read More »

lego faces

Lego Faces Are Getting Angrier


A study of 3,655 Lego mini-figures created between 1975 and the 1990s shows an increase in the number of angry expressions on Lego faces, with a corresponding decrease in happy expressions. This may be due to the company producing more toys that are conflict-based, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter sets. Some are concerned… Read More »

swoop bag: Lego storage by SWOOP -

Swoop’s Design Genius: Lego Made Non-Crazy-Making


How did I raise a child — she’s a Lego fanatic, even — without knowing the Swoop bag existed? How did we do things before the internet showed us that there’s always a better way? I don’t even know. It looks like just a storage bag for Lego, right? Just watch.   Total game-changer. source: Swiss… Read More »

LEGO (Actually) Apologizes For Sexist Sticker


In an update to the story we brought you last week about the sexist Lego sticker, we are happy to report that the company has properly apologized for its depiction of a construction worker engaging in street harassment. Josh Stearns, the journalist and a father of two who originally stirred things up by posting a picture of the… Read More »

LEGO Construction Worker Sticker is Sexist


LEGO is hot water over sexism again and this time it’s due to a box of LEGO-themed construction stickers, which include a sticker of a worker in sunglasses with a caption that reads — wait for it: “Hey Babe!”  Journalist Josh Stearn posted a picture of the box on his Tumblr after he found the toy at his local store.… Read More »

Lego School

Lego Opens A Lego School In Denmark


LegoLand. Lego Hotel. Lego school – it’s the next logical thing, right? The first ever Lego school is set to open in Billund, Denmark this August. Thanks to Lego’s billionaire owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen – who wants the school to help his community in rural Jutland become the Capital of Children –  it will become an international hotspot… Read More »

LEGO craftsman builds LEGO masterpiece


We at Bunch continue to bring you the latest in need to know LEGO news:  Mike Doyle is a LEGO master craftsman, and, absolutely an amazing artist. He has also launched a quickly successful KickStarter campaign to fund ambitious LEGO projects, inspired by artist and pastor Howard Storm – best known for his book, My Descent… Read More »

lego profits

Lego becomes world’s most valuable toyseller


Sticking to our philosophy that there can never, ever be too many Lego stories, we thought we’d bring you this one: according to a report in Bloomberg, Lego has now become the world’s most valuable toymaker. It seems more and more people are liking the Lego. Last year, revenue at the Danish company went up 25… Read More »

Lego machine makes paper airplanes


So you have 6,000, 7,000-odd pieces of Lego – what do you do? For someone identified as Lego Mindstorms user hknssn13 – the thing to do is build a paper airplane making machine. Because why not, right? Other than the Lego, the builder added some other doohickeys to the device, as per Ubergizmo: The LEGO machine … uses 2… Read More »


Devastating LEGO Spill Shuts Down W. Virginia Highway


Clean-up crews sprang into action on the I-79 in West Virginia’s Harrison County Sunday to recover an enormous Lego spill. The troubling loss of an 11-year-old boy’s entire Lego collection being transported inside plastic totes strapped to the family’s Durango, closed an entire lane of the highway and snarled traffic for hours. Lego bricks pose considerable hazards to… Read More »


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