Jim Henson Would Want You to Make These Muppets


Tips from the master himself From the man who gave us the Muppet Show, here’s instructions on how to make awesome puppets from stuff you have around the house. This video was filmed in 1969 and comes from Iowa Public Television. The coolest and most magical part of what makes a Muppet a Muppet, is… Read More »

Indoor Activities for the Dog Days of Summer


When it’s too hot to handle … Throughout the winter, we brought you Indoor EXTREME! — awesome activities for the kids so that they wouldn’t feel cooped up when it was 30 below and they couldn’t go out to play. It might not be snowing hard this July, but the weather outside is still frightful.… Read More »

Toothpick Ball Run Tour of San Francisco


What you get after 3, 000 hours of working with toothpicks and glue Did you ever have to build a toothpick bridge in school? Check out Scott Weaver’s toothpick Golden Gate Bridge, which is attached to his Rolling Through the Bay toothpick ball run. Yes, not only is this a massive and inticate toothpick representation… Read More »

Make Superhero Cuffs


So you can properly outfit your superheroes What’s the secret to a good superhero? Take a look carefully and you’ll see that any hero worth his or her salt has a pretty kickass costume. (Plus some sort of superhuman ability/ridiculous gadgets) Now, we all know that a cape and a mask are pretty key parts… Read More »

DIY Dollhouse from Recycled Juice Cartons


Don’t throw out those juice cartons just yet! Great idea from Jennie Lyon at Inhabitots! This activity is perfect for a rainy afternoon, or if you and your kids just feel the need to create something. With many possibilities for furniture, teeny tiny home decor and sprucing up the exterior, this is the craft that… Read More »

Create Your Own Zoo


Take playing with your toys to the next level Check out this great idea from Courtney at Babyccino Kids. You’ll need: Toy animals/dinosaurs Toy humanoids (Little people, Lego people, action figures, et cetera) Kraft paper or bristol board Crayons/markers/pencil crayons Paper Toothpicks Plasticine/play-doh Blocks/Legos/popsicle sticks (something with which to  make fences) Steps: Assemble your animals… Read More »

Rainy Day Lego Challenge!


Build something great Having recently visited the Rockefeller Center Lego Store, we were reminded just how classic these bricks are. Yes, the Harry Potter and Star Wars sets are neat, but it’s the Lego dragon and Lego Rockefeller Center that are really amazing. (And we’re guessing Lego doesn’t sell a special giant dragon kit… yet) While… Read More »

Build a (Cardboard) Rocketship


Large cardboard boxes can be anything Sometimes the best toys ever are the ones not originally meant to be toys at all. In our day, we’ve seen empty computer or refrigerator boxes turned into playhouses, racing cars and pirate ships with the help of some scissors and crayons. Having your very own rocketship enables you… Read More »

How to Make a Puppet Theatre


Indoor EXTREME! is all about the great things to do with your kids so you don’t feel cooped up in the house. In our first installment of Indoor EXTREME! Stephanie Potter shows us how to make a simple puppet theatre to entertain your kids, so they can entertain you. After all the excess and wildness… Read More »


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