boy drinking hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate + Movie Pairings


Simply put, hot chocolate is a family winter staple. And this winter, a necessity. We’ve rounded up some extraordinary hot chocolate ideas to add extra fun to your favourite winter drink — and paired them with family movie classics for you and yours. Hot Chocolate Idea #1:  Go Extravagant ADD COCONUT MILK If your kids have… Read More »

letters from kids

We Love Letters For Kids


I get misty when during our ongoing basement purge I open a shoebox to find letters from old pen-pals. It’s a pleasure my kids are unlikely to share. I was ecstatic when one box yielded a long-lost childhood artifact – an autographed picture and tiny, typewritten note from Judy Blume. I can credit my dad. I had… Read More »

monarch butterflies at home

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies at Home


Easy and educational, raising monarch butterflies is fun for the whole family. Nici McCruer shows us how to do it This is a special time of year for our family. As soon as the warm weather finally arrives our almost-six-year-old insistantly starts asking when we are going to go pick up “our baby butterflies”. For… Read More »

5 Ways To Add A Splash Of Extreme Fun To Bath Time


Down with boring bath time! There’s no way around bathing. It has to be done. But there’s no reason it should feel like a chore. When you’re feeling extreme, put a few of these easy ideas into action for a bath time experience that will get your kid as stoked as they are squeaky clean. PAINT… Read More »

take this safari indoors

Make an Indoor Safari and Get Wild at Home


Our wildest ideas for jungle games, DIY attractions, and creating a lush habitat in your own home Can’t make it to the Serengeti this summer? Bring the safari to you! Here’s how you can take your kids on a jungle expedition this summer without even leaving your place. Put on your bucket hat and binoculars… Read More »

Ezra’s Pinball Machine


Ezra was inspired by Caine’s Arcade Ezra saw the Caine’s Arcade video and was inspired to make his own cardboard game. Using a cardboard box and Makedo as well as some everyday materials (CDs, coffee cups, lids), Ezra made a functioning pinball machine. Amazing.  

What Makes a Cardboard Creation Caine’s Arcade Worthy?


Taking a look at what makes Caine’s Arcade so special By now we’ve all seen the Caine’s Arcade film, yes? So inspiring! We think what makes Caine’s cardboard creations so special is the sheer amount of work and thought that goes into all of them. We’re pretty sure most of us have taken a big… Read More »

Caine’s Arcade Inspires Kids


The creator of the world’s greatest cardboard arcade has some fans If you’ve seen Caine’s Arcade, you know that a whole lot of hard work and imagination went into turning a bunch of cardboard boxes into a functioning arcade. Naturally, other creative kids were inspired. Here are some of their creations: 1. Tilta’ Ball With… Read More »

6 Caine’s Arcade-Inspired Cardboard Creations You Can Make At Home


The best tools, tricks and ideas for playing with cardboard If you haven’t heard of Caine’s Arcade yet, watch this video. You’re in for a treat for the eyes and the mind. The story behind it is uber-inspiring. Nine-year-old Caine devoted his summer to making his own arcade out of cardboard boxes from the back… Read More »


5 DIY Wild Terrariums For Earth Day


Cool terrarium themes to add some untamed fun to your kid’s natural habitat A terrarium is a sweet way to add some living charm to your kid’s space, and they can personalize it however they want.  Keeping a little eco-system alive can also be pretty empowering for a kid. Get ready for Earth day with these… Read More »

Fun Play Trend: Good Old Fashioned Roughhousing


A new style of grappling actually makes your kids smarter, more confident & perceptive Rough housing, horsing around, acting a fool. Whatever you call it in your house, getting rowdy inside is probably a known bringer of time outs. But in Anthony DeBenedet’s household, rough housing is a play staple. The Ann Arbor-based father of three… Read More »

4 Things That Make January Suck Less


Tear open the shutters, throw up the sash and make this month your FRIEND! January: the month that induces cringing with its mere mention. Your kids hate snowsuits, winter driving sucks, and all you want to do is jump ship and go to Mexico. We can’t help you with that, but we can help you… Read More »


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