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Everything You Need to Know About Sending Your Kid to Rock Camp


Girls Rock Camp co-founder Lysh Haugen tells us all about the cool kids’ solution to summer boredom. These days, summer camp involves less sitting around singing campfire songs and more face-melting guitar solos. At Girls Rock Camp, your kids can live the dream by forming a band, writing songs and performing live in front of their… Read More »

How to Throw Your Most Amazing Yard-Garage Sale Ever


Hooray for yard sale season! We’ve got 11 great tips for holding your best yard/lawn/garage sale yet. Spring cleaning, pffft. Everyone knows that once the good weather hits, so does the chance to clear out the clutter with an awesome outdoor yard sale.  But we’re not just talking about throwing your stuff all over your… Read More »

How to Turn Your Backyard Into A Carnival


Fun ideas for a DIY backyard bigtop! Boring backyard? Not this spring! Step right up and try your hand at some psychedelic lawn bowling, tin can slits and homemade funky face paint. Commemorate the day the Ringling Brothers Circus opened by turning your backyard into the place to be. Here are some super fun an super easy activities:… Read More »

Teach Your Kids to Think About Space with Jr. Jane’s Walk


Jane Jacobs would want your kids to explore their city Jane’s Walks are free walking tours of your community and they take place all over the world. They are named for Jane Jacobs, was an urbanist and activist who “saw cities as ecosystems that had their own logic and dynamism which would change over time… Read More »

Sheet Painting: The Ultimate Outdoor Art Project


Everything you need to know to make your own mega mural There’s a whole of great, tiny art, but sometimes you just gots to go big. To set up: Clean and dry your sheet so there are no wrinkles that get in the way of painting. Hang the sheet on the clothes line and make… Read More »

The Lost Art of Dandelion Crowns


How to make a dandelion crown This tutorial comes from our pals at the Active Kids Club. We wonder if the dandelion video has anything to do with Active Kids Club asking how connected are our kids to nature? Is your local park full of dandelions? Get out there and make some crowns, all you… Read More »

How To Make a Seriously Awesome Kite


A kite recipe that would make Benjamin Franklin proud If you really want your kite to rule, it helps to take instruction from the master in physics himself. Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the United States and the inventor of the lightning rod and bifocals, also meant business when it came to kite-making. A… Read More »

Dutch-Inspired Playground Design Trend Makes Kids Happier and More Imaginative


Naturescape playgrounds are making waves in Canada So long, plastic, steel, and confined sandboxes. Donnan Park in Edmonton is raising the bar for playground design. It will become Edmonton’s first “naturescape” playground, part of a growing trend in playground design. Kids will use the good old fashioned modified natural world as their stomping grounds – giant… Read More »

Geocaching: The New, Real World Treasure Hunting Game


This spring, take your scavenger hunt to the next level In an attempt to turn her IG’s into OG’s (indoor girls into outdoor girls), one mother in Oklahoma decided she needed to achieve the compromise that so many families seek. Enter Geocaching. Geocaching is an adventure-seeking hobby built around a website. Essentially a high tech version of a… Read More »

What to Bring Along on a Winter Picnic


Because alfresco trumps the kitchen table. Even in winter. Does the thought of winter camping makes your toes curl in anticipation of turning blue? Hankering to get outside and shake off the cabin fever? Pack up your sled with well-stocked picnic basket (or insulated backpack) and head outside! There’s a freedom and excitement in eating… Read More »

Make Monster Tracks this Winter!


Making fiendish outdoor footprints is a great way to play with snow. If you happen to be surrounded by snow (we’re jealous if you are), unleash your little one on that white landscape to make a big impression. This winter activity provides an easy way to get outside, romp around in the snow, and freak… Read More »

Fun Snow Games From Around the World


Cool slants on traditional winter activities for max family fun on winter days. 1. Yukigassen Yukigassen (translating to “snow battle”) is serious business in Japan. Essentially a snowball fighting competition, this game is blasting into other countries across the world, with annual tournaments being held in Finland, Norway, Australia, Sweden and Saskatchewan. How to play:… Read More »


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