Get Outside

Four participants in Keita Demming's Slip 'N' Slide

GIANT Slip ‘N Slide in Bickford Park on Saturday


The idea for Toronto’s biggest Slip ‘N Slide was actually born in the dead of winter. “There was a party at my house that went late and in the morning we all went tobogganing. We wondered, ‘What if we could slide down this amazing hill in summer?’” explains Keita Demming, the man behind the 100 foot long Slip ‘N Slide… Read More »

How to Get Outside

Make Outdoor Fun A Habit


This week we’ve talked about the value of getting outside in the winter months — and from an informal survey I know it’s a priority for many parents this year. But how do we make outdoor time a new habit? One way is to actively schedule outdoor time, the way we schedule dentists’ appointments or… Read More »

3 Ways To Stay Cool + Have Fun


It’s gonna be 33 degrees (feels like 42!) again today in Toronto and across southern Ontario. Got some kids to entertain? Keep it cool.

garden DIY

Easy Ideas To Make Your Garden Awesome


It’s Victoria Day in Canada — the day where, all across the country, neighbour motivates neighbour to shake off old cobwebs, clean up old leaves and make their garden beautiful once again. We know. You’ve got kids. You’re busy. Your house is a mess. So what? We’ve found some super easy garden ideas you can do with… Read More »

Silver Maple Seed Flowers - photo by Jon Hayes

Signs of Spring (No, Really!)


Technically, it is spring. But I just saw snow falling and the wind feels more February-like. The line between the seasons can be wonderfully elusive, but we have been noticing indicators of coming warmth here in High Park. Robins returning is one of the most familiar signs of spring, but many of these Robins never… Read More »

The cup half full: ideas for fun in the snow


So, how much “fun in the snow” was your commute this morning? There are reports the roads are getting worse, and the CAA is saying to avoid driving all together (which of course, is not an option for many of us). So if you had to get out there, there’s no cushioning it, it stunk. But… Read More »


The Imagination Playground is child’s play


Caution: looking at pictures of the Imagination Playground and the resurgence of “Loose Parts” play structures is sure to bring on a serious case of playground envy. Photo:  Jaysin Trevino Designed by architect David Rockwell, the Imagination Playground lets kids build their own play space using oversized blue foam blocks. The idea: kids work together to create amazing… Read More »

Birds: Things To Get Excited About


I’ve been pretty excited about birds lately. A pair of cardinals have decided that our backyard is where they wanna spend all their free time and have been flitting back and forth distractingly between our mangly apple tree and the vine on the fence. It’s home to some kind of delicious berry, but on the… Read More »

Bird in the Hand

A Bird In the Hand


We love to see the look on people’s faces when a bird lands on their hand. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time or the 101st, it is always wonderful. Black-capped chickadees and nuthatches are the wild birds around here most likely to take seeds straight from your hand. They stay throughout winter… Read More »

Kid Photographers Shoot Nature


Have you ever noticed that kids take the best photos? We at the High Park Nature Centre have. That’s why we have kids in our naturalist clubs bring their cameras (or borrow one of ours) to photograph the fascinating nature out in the park. They are never at a loss of things to photograph: funky mushrooms,… Read More »

DIY slacklining

The Beginners Guide to DIY Slacklining


Take your backyard adventures to new heights! Has your kid ever been entranced by a tight rope walker? Slacklining is similar sport — challenging, satisfying, addicting, and you can easily set one up in your backyard or the park. It’s a super fun way to feel like an acrobat (or a whole new level of… Read More »

8 Bright Ideas For Super Fun Summer Nights


Summer nights are when the real magic happens Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Summer nights be as awesome as those lazy, hazy days. Wake up your senses with these 8 fun activities for after dusk. Blow glow-in-the-dark bubbles What’s more fun than blowing bubbles? Blowing bubbles that glow!… Read More »


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