Four participants in Keita Demming's Slip 'N' Slide

GIANT Slip ‘N Slide in Bickford Park on Saturday


The idea for Toronto’s biggest Slip ‘N Slide was actually born in the dead of winter. “There was a party at my house that went late and in the morning we all went tobogganing. We wondered, ‘What if we could slide down this amazing hill in summer?’” explains Keita Demming, the man behind the 100 foot long Slip ‘N Slide… Read More »

Snails leaning in. Photo (c) Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Snails, Leaning In


What conjures up beauty the way that seeing the world the way you did as a child, even for a moment, does? It’s the magical experience that taking care of children — or spending just a few hours or minutes in their world — can bring you. It’s why we gasp in pleasure and delight… Read More »

‘Where Children Sleep’ Shows Gap Between Rich and Poor


Bedtime routines are an important part of parent-child bonding. We know that there are many discrepancies in what Canadian children have access to, from food security to drinking water to the take-it-for-granted-when-you-have-them resources that a stable family income provides, but we tend to assume that when a child goes to bed at night, they’re in… Read More »

luckey climbers

Luckey Climbers


Luckey is a family-run company that builds artful and amazing climbing structures for kids. You can find Luckey climbers in children’s museum and parks from  Boston to Bülach and in between. Check out more of their work here and below. I want to climb on these with my kids! How about you?

Hot Dads with Kids on Long Boards

Millennials Destined To Be Funnest Parents Ever


Can I just say? #howtolive Time to update our Fun Inventions for Parents list. The Dutch design firm Studio Peter Van Riet has partnered with Quinny to produce this thing of utter beauty. Come to mama. Oh my god, yes please. Yes, it’s a Longboard Stroller. We know. It’s only a prototype. All prototype and no… Read More »

Lego woman palaeontologist figure

Lego Eyes DIY-er’s Female Scientist Minifigure


The world of overly-gendered toys may be changing, one female scientist mini-figure at a time.  Maybe. Lego, whose spurts of sexism and over-the-top girly mini-figures have caught the attention of everyone from empowered seven-year-olds to inventive parents to talented DIY-ers might just return to its more liberated roots. A user on the online Lego enthusiast community CUUSO is getting attention from Lego HQ after creating a… Read More »

boy drinking hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate + Movie Pairings


Simply put, hot chocolate is a family winter staple. And this winter, a necessity. We’ve rounded up some extraordinary hot chocolate ideas to add extra fun to your favourite winter drink — and paired them with family movie classics for you and yours. Hot Chocolate Idea #1:  Go Extravagant ADD COCONUT MILK If your kids have… Read More »

six year old b girl

Six-Year-Old B-Girl Will Destroy Your Case of the Mondays


Got a case of the Mondays? This’ll fix that. These images come from a newly-posted Vimeo video of incredibly talented B-GIRL TERRA (click here) who routinely tears it up in international competition. She’s a member of London, UK-based breakdancing crew Soul Mavericks. Here, she holds it down to ‘Platoon’ by Jungle. Watch the whole video here. And if… Read More »

How to Get Outside

Make Outdoor Fun A Habit


This week we’ve talked about the value of getting outside in the winter months — and from an informal survey I know it’s a priority for many parents this year. But how do we make outdoor time a new habit? One way is to actively schedule outdoor time, the way we schedule dentists’ appointments or… Read More »

polaroid kids tablet 2

A Kids’ Tablet — Actually Built for Kids


If you have children, there’s a good chance they are tablet-obsessed. Now there is finally a safe (not made of glass!), durable and affordable version of the device. Parents may love it just as much as their kids. The Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 is their second version of a tablet expressly for little ones, with features… Read More »

Mr. Rogers Breakdancing

Mr. Rogers Breakdancing


Is there anything that could brighten a gloomy morning more than this clip of Mr. Rogers busting out some serious moves with the help of his breakin’ neighbour Jermaine Vaughn? We think not. He doesn’t quite get the moonwalk, but check him doing the wave. While you’re feeling it, here are six truly awesome facts about Mr.… Read More »

Ender's Game

Ender’s Game: Are You Going to Battle School?


One of the major themes of Ender’s Game is that the sins of the father are visited upon the children. How fitting then that the homophobia of the book’s author Orson Scott Card should hurt the release of his first major movie. I first read Ender’s Game many years ago when I was a teenager,… Read More »


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