Knocked Up North

Goodnight, Tua Bear


I’ve never lived with a dog before but when I arrived in Iqaluit there was Tua, a retired sled dog who had lived her life outside, pulled a sled across Baffin Island and mothered a litter of puppies that grew up to be the current leaders of the team. Here she was in her retirement.… Read More »

Arctic Babywearing: Amauti (or Baby’s got Back)


When I first arrived in Iqaluit and saw white women carrying their children in their hoods, I thought it was an affectation, like they were trying to be Inuk. More respectful than dressing up like Pocahontas for Hallowe’en maybe, but kind of like introducing yourself to me using your spirit animal name. I’m usually not… Read More »

Due Dates


Last week I was chatting online with my cousin’s wife. Our due dates are a couple of days apart in early February. We compared our symptoms (or lack thereof) and our energy (or lack thereof). We talked about our families and how we spend our respective days – hers in Frankfurt, Germany and mine here in… Read More »

time lapse

Shooting Time Lapse


There are a few ways to predict the weather here before I open my eyes. The radio alarm clock of CBC North reading the temperatures from around the territory (which makes Iqaluit weather balmy compared to many communities), the amount the house shakes from the wind (no basements: houses here are on stilts) and the temperature of… Read More »

Growing at the Rate of a Sled Dog


In a new situation, it can be surprising where you find the support to get you through your daily routine. Sometimes it comes from friends you knew would be there for you, or a husband who calls and writes every day. Sometimes there are strong, unexpected new connections. In my time up north, a strong source… Read More »

Knocked Up North: our correspondent in Iqaluit


We are very excited to introduce our newest columnist Angie Pajek, a television producer whose first child is due February. She’s in Iqaluit producing “Qanurli?” a magazine program for Inuit teenagers. She’ll be sending us regular dispatches. When I was first negotiating my contract to work in the Arctic, I didn’t know I’d be pregnant. Add… Read More »


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