Keep it Simple: Crossing the Birthday Party Threshold


By Eden Hertzog It’s official: I’m a mom. Now, this newsflash does not come after giving birth or enduring months of sleep deprivation or even after wearing the same thing for days and not washing my hair. Nope, I am now officially a bona fide mom because I made a birthday party for my two year-old… Read More »

Happy Kale Day! Now How About Some Minestrone?


Today is Kale Day (for real)! Check out this archival post from cookie maven Eden Hertzog and make this killer minestrone (with kale). I haven’t been eating well lately. I only noticed this when I started a daily journal a couple of weeks ago to track my sleep/meals/mood and how they all may correlate. There are days… Read More »

Crazy pregnant ladies are drooling over this image of Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad right fucking now!

Crazy Pregnant Ladies: Love Blue Cheese, Pear and Arugula Salad


Eden Hertzog has a recipe that preggos (and everyone else) will love. First: I promise this will be the last crappy picture I offer up to you guys. You know, I have every intention of including great pictures for the recipes but sometimes I just don’t have my camera handy, or Cedar is all tangled up in… Read More »

A Good Reason for Apple Pie


Eden Hertzog is craving apple pie—and for good reason  I’ve been wanting to tell you this for awhile—I’m knocked-up again. Yep, it’s true. It’s been a challenge not to leak the news here, considering that this blog started back when I was pregnant with Cedar and was asked to write about the foods I was… Read More »

Bonding Over Baked Rigatoni


Eden Hertzog shares a baked rigatoni recipe that brings people together I am very happy tonight. Today was the first day that Cedar and I really kind of “cooked” together. Again, just like last week (funny how repetitive life can be, huh?), I had a meal plan destined for his nap time. But he woke… Read More »

Chili and the Art of Cooking (With a Toddler)


By Eden Hertzog There are two things I want to tell you about today. One of them is about how I teach myself to cook, and the other is about how I am managing to cook things with my busy kid in tow. As I’ve mentioned before, Tuesday nights are my solo nights with Cedar because… Read More »

The Gourmet Grazing Plate


Keep calm and nibble on This is going to be a quick one. We’ve just jumped over Labour Day and all of a sudden things are busier than they should be. I read a great quote today: “Stop the glorification of busy”. This is true. I’ll do that next week. For now, I am going… Read More »

Slurping the Last of Summer: Thai-Seasoned Corn Soup


Eden Hertzog is just as late-summer corn-crazy as we are What the heck happened to summer? Did it not feel like July was a pool of dizzy heat, and August whizzed by without warning? I know some of you may banish me for saying this but I’m really excited that it’s almost fall. I love… Read More »

No-Energy Ball Recipe for a Quick and Healthy Pick-Me-Up


Cookie, schmookie. These energy balls have what it takes to perk you up We went to a wedding a couple of weekends ago in Brighton. It was so beautiful, and the ceremony was perfect and the band was killer and my husband even pulled out some breakdancing moves, which had me in both awe and… Read More »

Soul Food


Eden Hertzog celebrates her father with a very special meal  My father said to me one day that he was craving soul food.  “Like, fried chicken and cornbread?” I asked him. “No,” he said, “Pierogi! That’s my soul food.” I had never thought of soul food that way before, but it’s the food that takes you… Read More »

Cool It Down


These super chill-recipes cool things down a notch It’s been the hottest summer I can remember in my thirty-five (ahem) years as a Torontonian. I have spent much time indoors with my face near the AC vents, dreaming about September and its cool, delicious air. This year, for the first time in my thirty-five (ahem) years,… Read More »

Curry for the King


Eden’s cooking curry worthy of a king — a toddler king, that is I should probably let it go, right? This wanting-my-kid-to-eat-vegetables thing. I should probably have faith that he will come around at some point and I shouldn’t stress about it. But here’s a little secret about me: I like to have a little stress on my… Read More »


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