Yoga Cookie

Healthy Yoga Cookies — Are Delicious!


Add these ‘Yoga Cookies’ to your holiday cookie repertoire: they’re healthier than most and are incredible. Guilt-free kid treats! I discovered these cookies when artist and mom-friend Day Milman brought them along on a camping trip; her recipe is adapted from one by Chef Chloe. Make a batch of dough and keep in the freezer for ‘cookie… Read More »

Fish Tacos

Eden’s Back! Fish Tacos Make Life Better


Well, folks. I’m here. I made it to the other side. Everyone said that two kids feels more like three and I always pshaw-ed when they said it, but I am going to have to agree (for now) that the addition of our little gal Frankie Rose has made it seem like we are living on a raft… Read More »

No Need to Knead with No-Knead Bagels!


I love baking bread, but I was never one of those people who find kneading “relaxing.” After about 90 seconds of pounding on a blob of dough, I’m bored and my arms hurt and I can’t believe there’s another eight minutes to go. So I was delighted when, in 2006, Mark Bittman introduced the world… Read More »

Veggie Stock + an Apology to my Husband


  Dear Husband, I am sorry for what is about to happen. We both knew this was coming sooner or later, but I am afraid the time is here. In addition to the very-imminent birth of our second baby, and the serious acting-out of our toddler, you should know that your Type-A, go-getter, control-loving (freak is… Read More »

Everybody Must Get Sconed


Please don’t hate me, but I went to a spa this past weekend. Ste. Annes spa, to be precise. Oh my, it was lovely. Two full nights and two days of uninterrupted sleep, wearing a white robe, eating my face off (four meals a day, yes), getting massaged, and hanging with one of my best pals.… Read More »

All About the Pancakes


By Eden Hertzog We are hardcore pancake junkies around here; so much so that I have had to re-evaluate and re-create what a pancake is. It used to be dessert for breakfast, and now it is another chance for good nutrition. Since I’m here on this kick of sharing our household staples with you, it’s pretty… Read More »

Gruesli and The Art of Sanity


By Eden Hertzog Hey, did you guys miss me or what? Seems I’ve taken a sabbatical from all things except being pregnant, chasing a busy toddler and working my (growing) butt off at the bakery. I’m glad to be sitting here writing in a La-Z-Boy chair in pitch darkness next to Cedar’s crib. It’s our new… Read More »

A Tried and True Playdough Recipe


By Eden Hertzog I realize this isn’t my usual blogging style, given that I always write about things one can eat, but I felt it was important to do you all a favour and save your playdough-making asses by giving you a recipe that actually works. Judging by the comments that I read on various sites, a… Read More »

Apple and pear crisp with whipped coconut (!!) cream


Eden Hertzog redefines miracles by whipping coconut milk into an awesome cream topping. I’ve discovered this new thing that is making my life much more enjoyable: don’t make any plans. Do you have ANY idea how big of a paradigm shift this is for The Queen of Planning? Some people have actual, tangible hobbies whereas mine… Read More »

I Did it! Vegetarian Empanadas


Eden Hertzog is blowing our minds with her pro empanada-making. I’m going to be very honest with you; getting these posts out lately is tougher than it seems. Pregnancy the second time around with a very active toddler and a very active business is just about all I can handle. Never mind the housework and the… Read More »

Snacks are Good: Spiced Roasted Chickpeas


By Eden Hertzog Is it just me, or are you always looking for good snacks too? I think we all know how easy it is to snack on COOKIES or bread-y things or sweet things or salty, fatty things. A good snack is hard to find. Am I right or am I right? So remember last… Read More »

The Key to Happiness: Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato + Caramelised Onion Soup


Eden Hertzog is on our beta-carotene wavelength. I live life week-to-week. In my utopia there is such a thing as a good week. As in, the whole week is good. In reality I do find that, by the time Thursday rolls around, I can get pretty cranky. There’s no rocket science behind this, it’s simply a product… Read More »


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