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What Happened to Scooby Doo?


Before I had kids, I figured putting on something like Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed would be a respite from parenting where you could just plonk them down in front of the TV and then go have sex with your wife or something. Ha! I haven’t seen my wife’s vagina in so long it could… Read More »

Gavin McInnes Reviews “Brave”


Gavin is horrified to find Brave is filled with dated Scottish stereotypes We went to see the movie Brave this weekend with family friends the McCormacks and although the movie was good, it was filled with dated stereotypes about Scots. We went to see it in upstate New York because ticket prices are about half what they are… Read More »

Gavin McInnes’ Wife is Butfl, Osum and Cowal


Gavin McInnes shares his daughter’s precious notes to his family A lot of parents think their kids are abnormally gifted and cute and that makes it pretty awkward for those of us who do have abnormally gifted and cute children. Our daughter is only five and has already learned to read and write. The notes… Read More »

Is It Wrong to Stay in the City?


Gavin McInnes says the suburbs are great for kids My brother-in-law was in town recently and he was talking about “the intense fun” he and his big sister (my wife) had playing hide and seek in the suburbs with the other kids. “That’s something you don’t get in the city,” he added and my wife… Read More »

Pancake Sunday


Gavin McInnes thinks you should try some fancy pancakes It’s fairly noble to have a mommy-lie-in day where you get up with the kids and make pancakes but it is downright knightly to make those pancakes into the shape of their choice. The king of said knights is a nobleman named Jim who not only… Read More »

10 Tips from Gavin McInnes on How to Throw a Kid’s Party


Gavin McInnes wants your kid’s birthday party to be awesome I hate kids parties. It’s a bunch of beta male dads in orange socks talking about politics and the whole thing makes me so uncomfortable, I usually just beg my way out of going in the first place. That being said, my wife throws about… Read More »

Check Out Tom Shillue’s Funny Story Featuring Gavin McInnes


Gavin McInnes thinks you should listen to the radio tonight Comedian Tom Shillue has a great family show on SiriusXM channel 96 called Funny Story. It’s a clean talk show version of Kids Place Live and it features Tom talking to other grown ups about their childhood every Tuesday at 5PM. I’m on it tonight… Read More »

Gavin McInnes’ Holiday Gift Guide


Why you don’t need to buy your kids new toys Instead of burdening Santa with giant lists of fancy presents, why not just give the kids stuff you have lying around the attic? I tried it and it went really, really well. Gavin McInnes has a book of memoirs coming out next year with Simon… Read More »

How Much Do They Really Believe in “Dorothy”?


Gavin’s kids won’t be fooled by any old man man with a big white beard and red suit This is a tricky thing to discuss publicly because some kids are old enough to read but not old enough to um, know, about a certain thing involving a December event that defies physics. I am referring… Read More »

Doc Ock: Master Villain? More Like Master Doofus


Gavin McInnes suggests Spider-Man’s Dr. Octopus should rebrand Hey Dr. Octopus, my son and I were just watching a cartoon of you. In this episode, you spent “months” masterminding a plan to steal a five million dollar ruby. Months? Five million dollars? Why the fuck does Kool Keith like you so much? You are an… Read More »

This Toy Rules: Backyard Safari Land Water Habitat and Laser Bug Vac


Gavin McInnes likes to catch bugs When I was a kid, we’d catch grasshoppers and put them in a grass-filled shoebox with holes poked in the top. You couldn’t see what was going on in there and the only way to check on your prisoners without letting them escape was to wait until they died.… Read More »

13 Things Gavin McInnes Misses


Gavin McInnes of did some pretty fun stuff before he became a dad I wrote a list of things you have to give up being a dad. It goes like this… Fatherhood is the phase after the STDs and vomit phase and it rules. However, you should only embark on this journey after you’re… Read More »


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