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Camp Bunchland Forever


Late August and early September is when we shop for school supplies, lament that the days are getting shorter and spend one last glorious long weekend at the cottage. As we prepare to put away our flip-flops and beach blankets, we remember all the crazy-awesome fun stuff we did at Camp Bunchland. From gourmet popsicles… Read More »

5 Awesome Cottage Board Games


A family round of board games is a cottage tradition Has your family cottage trip ever included a rousing round of board games? The shouting as the competition gets intense, the pitting of half the family against the other, maybe the odd accusation of cheating. It’s the perfect kind of unplugged fun, and if your… Read More »

Fight the Power with Lavender Lemonade


Kids’ lemonade stands are facing the wrath of health inspectors, we say do them anyway Remember how important you felt running your own lemonade stand – nay, lemonade business – as a youngster? That old folding table in the garage became your very own “store” where you peddled your wares: fresh-squeezed lemonade, or maybe just some grape… Read More »

We Love a Bike Parade


Give summer a proper sendoff with a neighbourhood bike parade At Camp Bunchland, we believe summer should end with a bang, not with a whimper. Rather than focus on the fact that days are getting shorter and Labour Day is looming, commit to squeezing every last drop out of the season while you still can.… Read More »

H2 Oh, Yeah! Ways to Play with Water


The best sprinklers and a cool DIY sprinkler project For those of us not lucky enough to have pools growing up, the best way to cool off during the dog days of summer was the humble lawn sprinkler. You’d hook it up to a hose and take turns leaping through its oscillating streams. Eventually some… Read More »

You’re Not Perfect and Your Sandcastles Shouldn’t Be Either


There are two schools of thought when it comes to sandcastle-building, that time-honoured beach pastime of molding wet sand into attractive shapes. The first, commonly held by those who enter the world’s sandcastle-building competitions, is that a castle must be a pristine work of architecture, the result of hours of detailed planning and an assortment of… Read More »

You and Your Kids at an Outdoor Music Festival


Take kids to an outdoor music festival for a summer experience you’ll never forget   Perry Farrell’s kids! Bringing little ones along for a day (or two, or more) of watching bands play under a blue sky while lazing on the grass is no longer the domain of celebrity families. All-ages events can be found throughout… Read More »

Fist Pump! Family Guide to the Jersey Shore


The Jersey Shore isn’t just for juiceheads Bunchlander Amanda recently took her family to the Jersey Shore, a spot she’s been vacationing at since her teens, and says it’s nothing like you probably think. If you’ve seen a episode of the hit TV “reality” series Jersey Shore, you’re probably imagining a tacky wasteland, home to spray-tanned “guidos” and… Read More »

Mad Men-Style Family Cocktail Hour


Start a family drinking tradition with cocktail and mocktail recipes straight from the Draper’s bar All of us at Bunchland HQ are jazzed for the Mad Men season four premiere this Sunday. We love the series for the glamorous vintage fashions and whip-smart writing. However, we’re perfectly happy to live in a time when excessive… Read More »

Cozy Up to a Backyard Campfire


How to host a summer campfire in your backyard   Last week we gave you all the tools for hosting an outdoor movie night in your backyard. This week at Camp Bunchland, it’s all about gathering the family in the backyard and toasting your toes (and some s’mores) by a campfire. Imagine coming home from work, loosening… Read More »

Backyard Movie Theatre


Tips for hosting the ultimate outdoor movie night in your own backyard Want to snuggle up with some blankets on the grass and watch your family’s favourite old movies on a glowing screen under a blanket of stars? Blogger Eren of Virginia says with some easy planning, you can host outdoor movie screenings in your backyard. “We’re very low-tech,” Eren… Read More »

Summer on a Stick


How to make gourmet frozen pops using seasonal fruit and herbs     We’d bet money you’ve spent at least one hot summer day sitting on your front stoop licking that corner store favourite, the classic Popsicle. You peeled back the white paper wrapper and proceeded to get sticky hands from melted Popsicle juice. Nathalie, one of… Read More »


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