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The Bunch Guide to Homework


Boredom not included Here at Bunch, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about fun. We love us some picnics, parties, and creative Sunday morning activities, but our fun-providing duties don’t stop after the leisurely days of summer. In fact, we’re  so confident in our abilities, we’ve decided to take on the most… Read More »

bunch guide to school lunches

The Bunch Guide to School Lunches


  It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Pack a punch with these great recipes for back-to-school lunches. Whether you opt for a brown bag or a brand new, fully-loaded lunch bag, these recipes will wow your kids so much, they won’t ever want to trade. EASY-TRANSPORT SANDWICHES AND SANDWICH ALTERNATIVES Take that PB… Read More »


20 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About the Mars Curiosity Rover


Are your kids curious about the Mars Rover? We’ve got 20 facts about Curiosity that will blow their minds Curiosity just spent it’s first weekend rolling around the dunes, canyons, volcanoes of Mars. (And what did you do this weekend?) It’s taking pictures and videos, scraping up soil samples and lazer zapping rocks. Keep up with it’s… Read More »

8 Ways to Get Truly, Truly Outrageous Like Jem


Rock out with your kid in true Jem fashion This ain’t no hologram. Hasbro is releasing a new, wicked-awesome Jem doll, just in time for every self-respecting parent to pass the torch keytar on to his or her children. While you might not be rushing to the nearest toy store to scoop the newest Jem icon… Read More »

8 Awesome Canada Day Celebrations from Coast to Coast


The best Canada Day parties from sea to shining sea Aside from fireworks and bacon-eating, Canadian’s really know how to party. We’ve rounded up some of the most fun ways to ring in the 142 year of living large in the true north. Now raise a toast to our home and native land and down a… Read More »

Cool Ways to Celebrate Pride With Kids


The Bunch guide to enjoying Pride as a family Toronto families, ready your striped flags, you rainbow-tastic outfits, and chug a lavender lemonade: the epic three-day street festival and parade is here! Pride Week is an awesome opportunity to show your kid how many different kinds of families there are out there, get a superior… Read More »

Cool Traditions For Your Summer Solstice Party


The longest day of the year is here! Make the most of every minute Solstice only rolls around twice per year. It’s the day when the sun reaches it’s highest point in the sky, a.k.a. midsummer. This auspicious day isn’t just an ideal time to get your party on – there are some cool traditions to… Read More »

9 Super-Cool Gifts for Father’s Day


When it comes to Fathers Day, we really do love a good homemade gift (like a record bowl for the rock star Dad, monster socks for the lounge-specialist, or a colouring page for the artist, to name a few), but these store-bought ones are just too awesome to resist. Here are nine cool gifts we want to wrap in shiny paper and… Read More »

Picnic Planning 101: Our Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Party


How to make sure your next picnic rules When the lazy days of summer roll around, all we want to do is lounge around on a blanket wearing a dandelion crown and eat killer sandwiches. Yep, it doesn’t get much better than a summer picnic. Here are our best tips for the most fun outdoor games, eats,… Read More »

Our Guide to Mother’s Day: Homemade Cards, Mother’s Day Raps and Sharing What Makes Moms So Special


The Bunch Guide to Mother’s Day Mother’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate the women who raised you, and if you’re currently in the process of raising kids, it’s a day to accept some homemade cards and extra kisses. If you don’t have brunch reservation, you’d  better hope that breakfast in bed is pretty tasty and… Read More »

fully posable beastie boys dolls action figures

Beastie Boys for Kids: Essential Videos, Action Figures


Introduce your kids to Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D with the Beastie Boys for kids It feels like the whole world is in mourning over the death of Adam Yauch, also known as MCA of the Beastie Boys. His loss affects everyone because for a good 30 years, the Beasties knew how to appeal to everyone… Read More »

Dubstep for Kids: Pop Song Remixes, Dance Tutorials and Beat Boxing


Dubstep for Kids! Coined as a term in South London circa 1998, dubstep is a genre of electronic music with roots in reggae and Jamaican dub. It’s characterized by intense baselines, shuffling rhythms, a heavy drum element and cross-genre samples. Usually slower than most electronic music, it requires some creative dance moves, and usually involves costumes to… Read More »


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