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bunch guide to TURF

Toronto Urban Roots Fest — Kid-Friendliest Festival Around?


Wherever you go lately, you see more adults enjoying all that Toronto has to offer, and bringing their kids along too. Nowhere is this more apparent than at music events — from semi-secret alleyway parties to free shows at Yonge-Dundas Square to the all-ages Junction Music Festival. So I’m here to tell you about Toronto’s best kept… Read More »

Music Festivals are made for kids. Pictured: Amy Millan and writer Aleta Fera

Music Festivals: Survive + Thrive with Kids


Let’s get one thing straight: I am not a cool parent. I’m not interested in recapturing my lost youth — I just like to take my kids to fun things. I’ve been to music festivals with kids and I’ve been to music festivals with just my friends and truly, I love both. As was readily… Read More »

more than twinkle, twinkle: two hands, one piano: photo of adult and baby hands on the keys

More Than Twinkle, Twinkle


The Bunch Guide to Little Kids + Music Lessons from new contributor Dana Baitz. I didn’t put my son in music lessons so that he could become a great musician — I’m a musician myself, so I know there are more important things. But I’ve discovered that helping with practicing can be a great way to interact meaningfully with your kid. Their… Read More »

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Harold and the Purple Crayon — Bunch Guide to Van Dyke Parks


One afternoon, after thinking it over for some time, I decided to watch Harold and the Purple Crayon. I’d read the book dozens of times. I’d marvelled over Crockett Johnson’s clean, simple lines and admired his gentle humour. It was given to us by my nephew, and quickly found a place alongside other bedtime classics: Sendak’s In the… Read More »

Best places to breastfeed: here in 1937, nursing during a STFU Meeting was totally cool.

10 Best Places to Breastfeed in Toronto


As one does, I have breastfed a baby 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, during the Santa Claus Parade, in the middle of a dinner party and during someone else’s wedding vows. I’m not an exhibitionist; I just like to feed my son when he is hungry. Before he was born my breasts were ‘indoor use’ only.… Read More »

Lou Reed for Kids: pretty sure Laurie knew his sweet side

Bunch Guide to Lou Reed


This is a tricky one, no question. 24 hours later, I’m still processing that Lou Reed died Sunday morning. He was 71 years old and 30 years clean. He was recovering from a liver transplant. He was doing tai chi. It’s an interesting exercise to make a list of songs by Lou Reed for kids because… Read More »


Bunch Guide to Pokemon


Being 42 years old, I have become the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. And yet, because of my age, until recently, I knew next to nothing about Pokemon. It was the timing of it all. Pokemon first appeared in North America on the Nintendo Game Boy system in 1998. The franchise quickly exploded to… Read More »

Bunch Guide to Ice Cream and Other Frosty Treats


Everything you need to savour the simple pleasures of summer As we push on into August, we’re all well versed in our own repertoire of cooling tactics — pyjamas in the freezer, macgyvering the fan just so, a tile-floor lie-down. As effective as those may be, eating ice cream is way more fun than any of… Read More »

Femmes de Paris: Yé-yé for kids

Bunch Guide to French Pop and Yé-Yé for Kids!


A little bit twee with a dash of sophistication, the ’60s French Pop movement known as ‘Yé-yé’ is a natural selection for young kids. With clean sounds and instantly catchy melodies, it’s bound to get your family up and jumping on the dance floor (or the living room shag carpet). Yé-yé is fun enough to appeal to… Read More »

50 ways to get your fall on

50 Sweet Ways To Get Your Fall On


Your harvest-tastic bucket list.   During fall, the world becomes a natural playground. Who says summer should have all the fun? There are leaves for jumping in, apples for picking, hay bales for climbing … We’ve collected 50 awesome ideas to help you make the most of those crisp days and chilly nights before the… Read More »

talk like a pirate day

Our Swashbucklin’ Guide to Talk like a Pirate Day


Piratize your ‘tude Avast, mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The finest day on the whole calend-aarrrr to cast aside your land-lubbing ways and unleash your inner sea dog. We’ve got all the booty you need to celebrate the day with yer young scallywags. Kick up yer pegleg! ‘Tis time to scrape… Read More »

festival bunch guide

Moonstruck! Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 5 Awesome Ways


Fête the Mid-Autumn Festivals with these five awesome ideas The Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated in east Asia for over 3,000 years.  Traditionally, it’s a time to celebrate the harvest, eat some mooncakes, make some romantic matches and celebrate with gleaming lanterns floating across the sky. We’ve come up with five awesome ways to take… Read More »


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