Harold And The Purple Crayon

The Enduring Appeal of Harold And The Purple Crayon


How do you pick books to read with your children? I read blog recommendations — or I go to books I remember loving as a child. There are some children’s books that really are (to risk the cliché) timeless. Though I didn’t read it myself growing up, lately my husband and I have been reading the classic… Read More »

Pickle Me This - In Lucia's Neighbourhood - by Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek

City Books For Spring


This month Kerry Clare of Pickle Me This brings us her favourite city-themed books. Right now as spring arrives and family life moves back out of doors, it’s a perfect time to share some books that connect readers to the local, and which affirm the goodness of life in the city. In Lucia’s Neighbourhood by Pat… Read More »

Cory Silverberg

‘What Makes a Baby’ book by Cory Silverberg


You may remember sex educator Cory Silverberg from his tenure at Come As You Are, the co-operatively-owned sex store based in Toronto. You might also know him through his amazing work on disability issues, or through his writing and sex education work. Basically, Cory Silverberg is all ’round awesome. When friends’ kids started asking the question, “Where do babies come from?”… Read More »

Valentine Booklist for Little Readers

Valentine Books: Love Stories for Little Readers


Our beloved kid-lit correspondent Kerry Clare picks out some favourite love stories for your little’uns — and then — reads you all one of her Valentine books aloud. When February comes around, even the littlest readers start thinking about love and cinnamon hearts. But of course, love itself is not all cupids and doilies, nor is… Read More »

The Stellar Legacy of Sally Ride


On June 18th, 1983, the Space Shuttle Challenger launched into the stratosphere. On board was 32-year-old Sally Ride,  an accomplished doctor of physics and NASA capsule communicator — and the first American woman to enter space. More than 20 years after the first men boldly went where no man had gone before, Ride’s trip was one small… Read More »


5 Space Books To Read By The Light Of The Supermoon


Books to get you in a seriously celestial mood. Did you know that the biggest full moon of the year could be seen this past weekend? On Saturday, May 5th, the moon was extra big and extra bright. A “supermoon” happens due to a fluke of orbital mechanics that bring it closer to the earth. Between… Read More »

Earth Day documentary for kids

5 Earth Day Documentaries For Eco-Conscious Kids


5 cool documentaries about the planet for kids. Great documentaries educate us and sometimes even inspire us to take action. Here are five docs for your little eco-warriors: 1. Arctic Tale (2007) This National Geographic film follows a polar bear cub and a walrus pup as they grow into powerful adults, all the while showing… Read More »

Earth Day

A Nature-Inspired Playlist for Earth Day


Eight picks for a swingin’ family playlist. How are you planning to celebrate Earth day this weekend? Reading up on going green? Crushing some cans to make a birdfeeder? Making your kids rake the garden? Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have a killer playlist to groove to while you do it.  We give these… Read More »

5 Favourite Foreign Films


Our foreign film Bunchbrary What was the first movie you saw that really opened your eyes to non-English movies? Amélie? Something Fellini? Show your kids the cool movies that not-Hollywood and not-Disney have to offer by sitting down to a family-friendly foreign film. Here are some of our favourites: 1. My Neighbour Totoro (1988) When… Read More »

Too Young for the Hunger Games? Here Are 5 Fierce Females for a Younger Crowd


What to watch if your kids aren’t into the kids-killing-kids realities of Panem As we might have mentioned before, we loved The Hunger Games books and so were seriously anxious for the movie to open. A big part of why we love the Hunger Games is Katniss herself. For those who somehow escaped hearing all… Read More »

5 St. Patrick’s Day Reads


Our St. Patrick’s Day Bunchbrary We asked Melissa Bourdon-King, the manager of Mabel’s Fables Children’s Bookstore to share her top picks for St. Patrick’s day reads. Don your finest green threads, whip up a batch of leprechaun milkshakes and get into these festive books! 1. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro Thy fly-eating old lady… Read More »

5 Books to Read This Purim


Our Purim Bunchbrary goes great with Hamantaschen Is Purim the most fun of all Jewish holidays? It’s certainly in the running! Costumes, cookies, a kickass queen and escaping a proto-Hitler, what’s not to love? Here are five stories to read with your kids this week. (Purim starts tomorrow evening, March 7, and goes until the… Read More »


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