Is Nothing Sacred? Why We Should Leave Santa’s Pipe Habit Alone


Santa kicks his pipe habit in a new anti-smoking Twas The Night Before Christmas So, there’s a new version of Clement C. Moore’s classic Christmas poem  Twas The Night Before Christmas that intentionally redacts two lines that reference Old St. Nick’s pipe habit. Anti-smoking activist Pamela McColl claims that showing kids images of Santa smoking may influence them… Read More »

In Case You Were Wondering, Mr. Wizard Is Still a Total Dick


We never fully realized what a meanie Mr. Wizard was to those kids Mr. Wizard’s World was a pretty awesome show back in the day, and we tuned in regularly— and innocently, for that matter. Chalk it up to the rosy-tinted world of our youth, but we never really realized just how much of a… Read More »

School Peanut Ban Gets Sticky In Arkansas


What’s so funny about PB and understanding? Any parent with a kid who’s got a peanut allergy knows how scary the risk of coming into contact with peanuts is. Even a tiny amount can trigger reactions from vomiting to anaphylactic shock, which if untreated, can result in death. Yep, the conversation about peanut butter sandwiches in schools… Read More »

20 Signs You’re a 50 Shades of Grey Baby


What will the kids of the 50 Shades baby boom be like?   Back in the 1950s, a veritable population explosion occurred. Hard times were over. Soldiers were back from the war. Couples were … uh… well, coupling. And pretty soon newborn babies were cropping up all over the place. The same fate has been… Read More »

Is Pot the Prescription for Better Parenting?


How one dad’s venture into the quasi-legal world of cannabis made everything awesome Sometimes, crafts and cookie decorating are just a lot more fun when baked. At least, that’s what one dad found after being granted a medical marijuana ID card. Years of back pain, stress, anxiety and flying with three kids under the age of… Read More »

Judy Blume Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis


Beloved writer Judy Blume announces her battle with breast cancer Earlier today, Judy Blume revealed some sad news on the Twittersphere — the best-selling novelist was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this summer. In a heartfelt post on her personal blog, Blume offers fans a report of her condition and initial shock: “Wait – me? There’s no breast cancer… Read More »

Disturbingly Enough, Pole Dancing Classes for Kids Actually Exist


We’re not talking the Maypole dance It goes down at some specialty women’s fitness studios and girls-night-out extravaganzas. Now, kids are being targeted as the new demo for pole dancing lessons by one B.C. studio. Twisted Grip Dance & Fitness is offering a weekend “Little Spinners” class to boys and gals of all ages— and the youngest… Read More »

Beastie Boys / Sesame Street Mash-Up: Your Long Weekend Happy Place


Happy long weekend, from all your pals at Bunch! Because summer can’t, it won’t and it don’t stop!  

Paul Reubens Turns 60, But Pee-wee’s Only About 40 or So


Happy Birthday, Paul Reubens!  Legendary comic Paul Reubens turned 60 on Monday, prompting us to immediately choke on our coffee. 60? Seriously? Wasn’t he like, 30 just yesterday when we were watching Pee-wee’s Big Adventure? How does this even happen? Besides boggling our minds with impossible insanity, Reubens hitting the big 6-0 also reminded us just… Read More »

Harrods Goes Gender-Neutral With New Toy Kingdom


Is this the end of boy toys and girl toys? Harrods has unveiled its new 26,000 square foot toy showroom in London, and while you will find the usual suspects when it comes to your kid’s favourite toys, you won’t find them in the usual layout. Rather than have  a traditional “girl” and “boy” toy… Read More »

The Cutest Ad Campaign Ever: Kids As Our Favourite Movie Characters


Hollywood icons get a mini-me makeover If you thought Jack Sparrow was a babe, you have to check out this ad campaign launched by a Brazilian ad agency featuring some super fresh faces. This handsome young scallywag gives Johnny Depp a run for his money, non? Aside from the whole age difference, the resemblances are… Read More »

25 Signs You’re a 21st Century Parent


Modern moms and dads, this one’s for you Just like acid wash denim and slap bracelets were once a defining part of your life, so too are the parenting trends of your adulthood. While the toys, products and techniques around today seem to be just the background noise to life with your new child, they’re… Read More »


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