A Rockin’ New Years Eve for the Whole Family!


New Years Eve with kids can be just as fun as the adult version. Bunch’s Rebecca Brown shares her tips for a Rockin’ New Years Eve with Today’s Parent.

11-year old at an Idle No More rally speaks the truth


Ta’Kaiya Blaney of the Sliammon First Nation in B.C. will steal your heart. Ta’Kaiya was speaking at an Idle No More protest and march on December 29 at Simms Park in Courtenay, B.C.. For more inspiration, you can check out her video for the song Shallow Waters here:

We remember


Charlotte Bacon, age 6 Daniel Barden, age 7 Olivia Engel, age 6 Josephine Gay, age 7 Ana Marquez-Greene, age 6 Dylan Hockley, age 6 Madeleine Hsu, age 6 Catherine Hubbard, age 6 Chase Kowalski, age 7 Jesse Lewis, age 6 James Mattioli, age 6 Grace McDonnell, age 7 Emilie Parker, age 6 Jack Pinto, age… Read More »

Kelly Oxford is Lena Dunham for Grown-Ups


Though sadly we don’t have any tantalizing details from her book proposal (as Gawker does from Ms. Dunham’s) odds are good that Kelly Oxford is the Lena Dunham of the 35-year-old mom demographic. This is good news because I am totally jealous that the twentysomething girls now have a Lena Dunham while, so far, we do not. The reason… Read More »

It’s Hard Being Two


Because I am a genius and so good at listening to my body and making sensible decisions, I decided that today would be a terrific day to visit the Royal Ontario Museum with my two-year-old son and our bestest mom-and-kiddo friends, Jess and Ada. It was a spontaneous outing and I was feeling terrific about… Read More »

Tuck Me In


By Helen Spitzer Last night I lay exhausted on a polished wood floor as another grown woman tucked a blanket around me as I fell asleep. It was a restorative yoga class, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been running on empty for weeks now. So has my toddler, albeit more cheerfully: he’s… Read More »

Monster Factory Ghostie: Made One With My Kids and So Can You


  Monster Factory is a gateway brand. My Auntie Debbie bought me a Lucy while I was pregnant with my first child and I knew I’d have to get knocked up again so I could have more monsters. So I was incredibly excited when Rhya from Monster Factory dropped a customizable Ghostie off at Bunch HQ… Read More »



It appears to be a soggy morning right across the country. But it was so nice to counter any gloomy morning feelings with this gorgeous photo essay on puddles. It’s by Karyn, who runs crafty utopia The Workroom in Toronto – and that’s her sweet pal Maisy taking advantage of puddles as only a dog… Read More »

Jemima Kirke’s Pregnancy Pictures: I Love Them


Pictures of pregnant Jemima Kirke that accompanied her recent (hilarious) interview in Vice Magazine. So refreshingly not … this pose: What are your thoughts?

How was everyone’s weekend?


Ours was packed. We amazed ourselves by making it to every single activity on Bunch’s weekend hit list WHAT?! The highlight really was Planet in Focus’s great kids program, a terrific little enviro film festival we’ve been going to for years. The wee Bunchkin surprised us by folding his hands and watching the entire program… Read More »

We Love Letters For Kids


By Helen Spitzer I get misty when during our ongoing basement purge I open a shoebox to find letters from old pen-pals. It’s a pleasure my kids are unlikely to share. I was ecstatic when one box yielded a long-lost childhood artifact - an autographed picture and tiny, typewritten note from Judy Blume. I can credit my dad… Read More »

Why I Don’t Care About Your New Cool Stoller


There’s a new stroller out and we don’t care   Big crazy news. There’s a big crazy new stroller out that features lights, an iPod/iPhone charger and an automobile-like dashboard (complete with an odometer, so you don’t break any pedestrian traffic laws). And the oh-so-cool named Origami also features a electronically-powered automatic fold. Sure, it’s… Read More »


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