‘Where Children Sleep’ Reveals Discrepancies Between Wealth and Poverty


Bedtime routines are an important part of parent-child bonding. We know that there are many discrepancies in what Canadian children have access to, from food security to drinking water to the take-it-for-granted-when-you-have-them resources that a stable family income provides, but we tend to assume that when a child goes to bed at night, they’re in… Read More »

World Doula Week


  It’s World Doula Week and reader (and doula) Nici Shipway sent us this great post… It being world doula week (Mar 22-28) I thought it would be fitting to write an article on how doulas influence birth for parents and babies. Whenever I tell someone that I am a doula I often get a… Read More »

Crickets Talk Trash & Brag


According to this study by Canadian Lauren Fitzsimmons, a postdoctoral fellow in Natural Sciences male crickets placed in a viewing area for female crickets will fight and push each other around. After the “fight” one cricket will slink off dejectedly the other cricket performs a victory dance With a male audience present, the cricket would… Read More »

Reasons My Son Is Crying

Reasons My Son Is Crying (Matthew Broderick)


This has been flying around the internets today. Hasn’t the obvious Reason His Son is Crying occurred to everyone yet?! Baby looks like Matthew Broderick. All 34 Ostensible Reasons the Ferris Bueller look-alike baby is crying can be found at THIS Tumblr.

Poison ivy is getting bigger, more poisonous


20 percent of the human population has at least one thing in common with goats - they’re not allergic to poison ivy. (In fact, goats love to munch on the stuff so much, they’re a great way to get rid of the plant.) For the rest of us, contact with the leafy green plant can result… Read More »

Brooklyn bars impose a curfew on babies


These days, hipsters in New York don’t need to stop heading out to bars for a pint or two just because they’ve had kids. Beer halls in the trendier Brooklyn neighbourhoods of Williamsburg and Park Slope go as far to welcome kids (as long as they’re there with their parents) to come in and relax… Read More »

Muppets ‘matriarch’ Jane Nebel Henson dies


Jane Nebel Henson, lovingly referred to as the matriarch of the Muppets, and the former wife of Jim Henson, has died after a long bout with cancer, The Jim Henson Company said.  She was 78 years old. In what would be a fateful event, Jane Nebel Henson and Jim Henson met at a puppetry class… Read More »

Saturday is Purim: Here’s a Purim Story (Go Esther!)


Hey, Saturday is Purim!  Purim is (possibly the funnest of all) Jewish holiday celebrating the story told in the Book of Esther, in which the Jews of ancient Persia were threatened with annihilation by the evil Haman. His plans are foiled by brave (and hitherto secretly Jewish) Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai. If you’ve never heard… Read More »

The Best Thing On The Internet Today


is this beautiful short film, spontaneously narrated by an imaginative and articulate six-year-old child, and directed by Bianca Giaever: Bianca Giaever is a Vermont-based radio and multimedia producer, originally from Seattle, who is in the habit of obsessively recording the conversations she has with people. Meandering about the internet on this snowbound, snowtastic day, I came across… Read More »

AGO Art Days tomorrow – re: teachers’ walkout


Need alternate arrangements for tomorrow? Register NOW - you have until 5 p.m. Art Days at the AGO are wonderful, educational art day camps for grades JK-6, led by art gallery staff. The program runs 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and has an extended care option from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Kids need to bring their own lunch… Read More »

Birds: A Cautionary Tale


There has been a lot of bird-talk round my house lately – more on that in a moment – and it got me thinking about my all-time favourite piece of writing on nature and family this year: THIS piece by the inimitable Rebecca Cuneo Keenan. She first ran it last July on her site Playground Confidential but it’s SO… Read More »

The Best Hockey Season Ever


My 8-year-old is the Cliff Claven of hockey. If he was allowed to hang out in sports bars, he would be THAT guy. The one with all the weird hockey facts. As it is, he spouts a continuous stream of player trivia. He loves hockey with all of his small heart. Meanwhile, the billionaire owners… Read More »


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