Birthday Parties

How-To: Have a Yuri’s Night Space Party


How we remember cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin We’re pretty blown away by the idea that a human first went into space 50 years ago today. Definitely a good reason to party. So who was this Yuri Gagarin? Here’s the basics and a few fun factoids about the Russian cosmonaut who took a 108 minute trip to… Read More »

How-To Throw an Oscar Party With Your Kids


Watch the 83rd Annual Academy Awards with your kids You’ve watched all nominated films (or two of them), you’re curious to see what James Franco and Anne Hathaway have planned and you’ve made bets with your pals as to whether or not Natalie Portman will break out her bizarre laugh. The show itself doesn’t officially… Read More »

Nerf Battle Birthday


Meet me outside, meet me outside The wisdom of the day states that kids need at least an hour of physical activity every day. When the weather’s cold, or worse, when the weather keeps shifting from warm and melty to freezing and slippery, it can be hard to find great outdoor activities. So what do… Read More »

Cupcake Party and Cupcake Camp


Cupcakes are a global obsession, and because doing this kind of heavy thinking is part of the service we offer to our faithful readers, we’ve got a theory on why: they’re small and cute and tasty. Today’s Bunchland offers you guys two ways to get in on the cupcake fun. Sarah threw a cupcake birthday… Read More »

come to my robot themed party and check out my cool robot cake

Cool Birthday Party Ideas: Robot Party


When San Fransico artist Sach Steffel‘s son Max turned four, she threw him an awesome robot themed party. We just love what she’s done with the decor. If you are planning a party for one of your bunch, Cookie magazine has some great tips for activities and food. Hostess Blog also has some simple decorating ideas which… Read More »


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