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birthday party hats

DIY Party Hats


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents Every celebration includes a few party favours. My son’s favourite is the party hat – colourful, festive and fun to wear, the party hat is an important part of my family’s special events. Party hats can easily be purchased at the dollar store, or you… Read More »

Keep it Simple: Crossing the Birthday Party Threshold


By Eden Hertzog It’s official: I’m a mom. Now, this newsflash does not come after giving birth or enduring months of sleep deprivation or even after wearing the same thing for days and not washing my hair. Nope, I am now officially a bona fide mom because I made a birthday party for my two year-old… Read More »

throw a pioneer-themed birthday party

How to Throw A Charming Pioneer-Themed Birthday Party


Laura Ingalls Wilder would approve   Around this harvest-y time of year, we just want to stroll around farms, eat homemade apple pie and take in the simple pleasures of life. Here’s a birthday party concept that lets you brings those simple pleasures to your own homestead, pioneer style. But simple doesn’t have to mean low key. We’re… Read More »

frolicsome farm-themed birthday party

How to Throw a Frolicsome Farm-Themed Birthday in Your Backyard


No pony rental required   Darn’ tootin! A farm themed birthday party is a fine and dandy way to get outside in the fresh air and celebrate the season! We’ve rounded up some awesome ideas for setting up a barnyard bash in your backyard, from creating that down home atmosphere to pig-out worthy fare. Bonus:… Read More »

Victorian themed party for your little Kate Greenaway lover. Here, her illustration of children playing croquet

Throw A Fine-and-Dandy Victorian-Themed Birthday Party


The dream of the 1890s is alive in … your own backyard birthday party! They don’t call it the Gay Nineties for nothing. The decade marked by Oscar Wilde’s droll plays, decadent art, and tailored fashions was, indeed, a time of frivolity and merriment. If you have a kid that happens to love handlebar moustaches, old-fashioned rock candy… Read More »

Backyard Birthday Party: Superhero Edition


Celebrate your kids’ birthday with lots of  POW!,  BANG!, and  ZONK! Does your kid ever perform their own stunts, spells or wish they could fly? Birthdays are the one day when everyone gets to feel like as close to actual superhero status as possible. Transform your backyard into a sunny superhero factory for extraordinary fun and… Read More »

Olympic themed party: complete with the Olympic rings!

An Exhilarating Olympic Themed Party


Bring the fun of the Olympic games to your backyard Can’t make it to London this summer? Celebrate the Olympics alongisde your rookie-athlete’s birthday by turning your backyard into an epic Olympic village. Look no further than your shed for the fixins – these summer games inspired activities are quick and easy to assemble. Now sit… Read More »

bug themed party

A Buzz-Worthy Backyard Bug Themed Birthday


A birthday party theme that will have kids swarming to your backyard Creepy crawlers are an endless source of amusement for kids, and summer is a time for bug fans to rejoice — spiders are spinning glittery webs, butterflies are fluttering, and fireflies are ready for the catching. Is your backyard begging to be turned into… Read More »

Best Picture Nomination Oscar Treats


An update to our kid-friendly Oscar Party Last year, we came up with a pretty good plan for hosting a kid-friendly Oscar party, if we do say so ourselves. The host has changed, the movies obviously are new, but for the most part, same ol’ Oscar party. Don’t forget to point out to your kids… Read More »

5 Unconventional Loot Bags


This post originally appeared on Today’s Parent, who seems to like the way we party. We like that they like the way we party. Our Today’s Parent blog is called Bunch Likes to Party. You’ve carefully found a theme and some great activities for your kid’s birthday party. You and the birthday boy or girl… Read More »

5 Backyard Birthday Party Ideas


This post originally appeared on Today’s Parent, who seems to like the way we party. We like that they like the way we party. Our Today’s Parent blog is called Bunch Likes to Party. There’s something special about hosting your kid’s birthday party in his or her own backyard but what the heck are you… Read More »

Princess Doll Hospital Birthday Party


Have you seen our new party blog? The following post was originally published on Today’s Parent: ‘s Creative Director Rebecca Brown has a daughter named Rose.  She loves princesses and dolls. Following a trip to the emergency room with a cut finger, she’s also fixated on hospitals. For Rose’s third birthday, her parents wanted… Read More »


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