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Ergolding Secondary School

The Best-Designed School Ever?


Students at Ergolding Secondary School in Germany are surrounded by architectural beauty. Their new school uses colour-coding to help students find their way — and the assembly hall is an open atrium in the centre of the school with a view onto the schoolyard, naturalized surroundings and a pond. Designed by Behnisch Architekten and Architekturbüro Leinhäupl+Neuber, the school… Read More »

students in Juárez Correa's classroom

Juárez Correa ‘Got Out of the Way’ To Let Students Soar


Next time you fret there aren’t enough resources at your child’s school, think of teacher Juárez Correa.  Correa lives in the Mexican border town of Matamoros, a region cursed by the drug wars and plagued with violence. His school is referred to by some as “un lugar de castigo” — a “place of punishment” where rot from a massive pile… Read More »


Outdoor Classrooms Benefit Everyone


I had the good fortune to read Andrea Gordon’s excellent article in the Star this summer on the miraculous effects that an outdoor classroom has been having on the students of Blaydon Public School. I then watched the video that accompanied the article with tears running down my cheeks, so inspired by the way that… Read More »

Flipped Parenting - how to use video to help with your morning routine

Flipped Parenting: Using Video to Establish Routine


Raise your hand if you LOVE getting your kids ready in the morning! Yeah, me neither. There’s a club and we’re all in it. However, remember the piece I wrote about how being a teacher has made me a terrible parent? I can redeem myself somewhat: In June I learned about a hot new teaching… Read More »

Finnish Schools also have cute cloakrooms, like this one decorated with childrens' drawings of Moomins

What Finnish Schools Get Right


Finnish students are a lucky lot. They don’t get much homework, and a lot of their school time is dedicated to creative play. There are no standarized tests and no private schools. The state pays for education from preschool through to the PhD level. Teachers are top professionals — teachers’ college is considered one of the… Read More »

Retired Stats Professor Teaches Kids the Old Kind of Code


Code doesn’t need to be virtual to be cool — or useful. Retired stats professor Paul Sloggett has decided to give back to the community in a unique way. He’s offering free classes to school kids, where he’ll teach kids code and different kinds of code throughout the ages. As Sloggett told the Toronto Star: “Codes cover… Read More »

playmaker school

PlayMaker School Features Future-Friendly Curriculum


PlayMaker is changing the way we look at learning The 21st century has meant a bracing amount of change in technology and education. Smartphones, laptops and tablet computers make the pencils and notebooks of the past seem positively quaint. And with the Internet at kids’ fingertips, information has never been more accessible or easily obtained.… Read More »

teaching tech in britain

Teaching Tech and Information Systems in Britain


Britain has an opportunity to reinvent how it teaches information technology   A recent editorial in the Guardian newspaper wrote that Britain is in danger of producing a generation that doesn’t know how Google works. As such, the editorial states that this is a prime opportunity to overhaul the education system and bring information technology… Read More »

School Fundraising: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?


Fiona Highet on the joys and not-joys of school fundraising One afternoon we precooked 600 sausages. We started at 3:30 and finished around 7:30. We went back to the school at 6am the next morning, still reeking of pork, to reheat those selfsame sausages. What we learned by 9am was that we really only needed… Read More »

What Difference Would A Longer School Day Make?


Should kids be spending more time at school? Instead of 8:15-2:30, or 9:30-3:45 or whatever weird times your kid is in school, there’s been some discussion lately around making the school day longer, like 9-5 longer. If your kid had a longer school day, they’d have more time to put precious knowledge into their brains… Read More »

Can Kids Thrive in a Foreign Environment?


Park Slope kids attend school in Russia Clifford J. Levy’s story in this week’s New York Times Magazine is fascinating. When the Times placed him in Moscow, he and his wife had to find a school for their three kids. Rather than finding spaces for them in an international school with the kids of other… Read More »

We Need to Change Education Paradigms


An RSA Animation The above animation comes from a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert at the RSA. The RSA is “an enlightenment organisation committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges.” So what do you think? How can education systems take advantage of the fact that young… Read More »


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