Holy Frack, I’m Having Twins!!!


    I was lying on the ultrasound table having my abdomen palpated by a taciturn technician with a permanent grimace on her face. When you’re in that kind of situation you can only do one of two things: stare absently at the ceiling as if your pants aren’t pulled down to your hoo-hoo, your… Read More »

sh*t pregnant ladies like

Sh*t Pregnant Ladies Like


Jes ruminates on all the things pregnant ladies can’t get enough of. Remember that insanely creepy but fascinating story earlier this year about Target being able to identify pregnant ladies by what they were buying? The US behemoth can analyze complex stats and target (ahem) women who are pregnant—even if they don’t want to anyone… Read More »

googling symptoms, don't do it

Week 7: Sobbing in Shoppers Drug Mart


When Jes gets strep throat at 7 weeks pregnant, things get serious at the SDM Here is my advice to all pregnant ladies out there: If you have a particular symptom, a weird thing, a hiccup — whatever — DO NOT, under any circumstances possible, rush to your computer or smartphone and (heaven forbid) Google… Read More »

Extended Breastfeeding is a Reality, Not a Reality Show


Why we don’t need a reality show about extended breastfeeding In the latest installment of the North American obsession with breastfeeding, The New York Post revealed that there’s a new reality television series in the pipes devoted to the world of extended breastfeeding. Los Angeles production company Collins Avenue is currently developing an entire series about… Read More »

50 mistakes every pregnant woman should make

50 Mistakes Every Pregnant Woman Should Make


  I recently read the 50 Mistakes Every Woman Should Make, and immediately started reminiscing over the errors I’ve made in my own life. It’s no surprise that a lot were actually from when I was pregnant. Pregnancy is a time when there are SO MANY “shoulds” and “should nots” coming from all directions, it’s… Read More »

boob obsessed

Help! My Toddler is Obsessed with My Boobs


I understand society’s obsession with breasts. I get it. Boobs are these nurturing, comforting, nutrition-producing bastions of comfort. They’re also bulbous badges of sexuality stuffed into push-up bras and plastered across glossy magazine covers. Breasts are an encapsulation of the Madonna-Whore complex sticking out from your chest: confusing, mesmerizing and mysterious. I think they’re pretty… Read More »

ipad addiction

Kid iPad Addiction: Is Your Toddler Hooked?


It’s hard enough for a grown-up to limit iPad use. How is iPad addiction affecting our kids?   If you’ve ever needed a moment to yourself and handed your kid an iPad, you know how they can go from scattered to rapt in about 10 seconds. Turn on some Angry Birds, some Toki Doki or… Read More »

pregnant pumpkin

Pregnant Pumpkin


Rose Bianchini is pregnant with twins It’s not easy being round. Being pregnant with twins, and starting to show at10 weeks, gets me a lot of attention from the general public. Strangers often ask me when I am due and they’re eyes widen with surprise when I tell them some date that is not tomorrow,… Read More »


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