Toronto Birth Centre

Birth Centre Opening in Regent Park


Remember the birth centre promise? When Ontario regulated midwifery way back in 1991 one of the key philosophies of midwifery care, choice of birthplace, included the promise of birth centres, non-medicalized facilities where clients could chose to give birth. Now that the first babes born under regulated midwifery are on the verge of becoming parents themselves, Toronto is… Read More »

giving birth in the 1940's

Giving Birth: Three Ways


My mom is here for a visit and I’ve been trying to collect family stories. I do this every time I see her. Our people are very spread out all across North America and those family stories, the ones my son will one day ask me about, are at risk of disappearing if don’t make… Read More »

a baby crying: the longest shortest time logo

The Longest Shortest Time


Three years ago Hillary Frank found herself somewhere she hadn’t planned on being. She had just given birth to a beloved baby daughter but due to complications during labour she could not walk, stand or take care of her little girl the way she had imagined she would. It’s the rub of parenthood:  the unexpected sorrows… Read More »

Adorable Korean Toddler Skypes with Dad

Toddler Skyping With Dad Basically The Cutest Thing Ever


Do you know Yerin? She’s an insanely cute and cheerful toddler whose dad Kwanyoung Park posts regular video updates to youtube and to the family blog, and we’re just warning you: you are about to fall in love. Jezebel posted this clip of the Korean toddler skyping with Papa last night. Her parents also call her by the… Read More »

Still from pregnancy stop-motion video by Armands Alps

Baby-Making Is Fun: Pregnancy Stop-Motion Animation


There are so many terrible ideas for pregnancy portraits that it’s a relief to find something that’s clever or charming. The next logical step after portrait-a-day documentation of those nine months (czech out these two) is to make a pregnancy stop motion video, I guess. Why are so many set to Ingrid Michaelson songs? I have no answers for you. Here is a cute… Read More »


Twins and Rubber Bands! Mayhem and Madness!


Often, when we think about having twins we focus on the struggle of it all and forget about the hilarity which ensues when two tiny people try to figure out this life on earth stuff all at the same time. Witness twins and rubber bands! The one in the diaper kills me. Just kidding, I… Read More »

Pregnant Thoughts by Sarah Lazarovic (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved

On Your Mind In The Third Trimester



How Evolution Influences Pregnancy


Some ethnic groups are more genetically vulnerable to certain diseases than others, and diseases during pregnancy are no exception. A study of pregnant women in New York City a few years ago found that women of European descent have the lowest risk of gestational diabetes, with African-American women at only slightly higher risk. The risk was much greater… Read More »


Pregnant Women Are Smug, It’s True


We’ve all thought this, right? The first few thoughts I had when I saw this were: 1. They’re the Lady Version of Flight of the Conchords (and fantastic musicians to boot) 2. I am totally fine with them mining pregnancy and parenting blogs forever for material (kind of like a musical STFU Parents) and 3. They Need Their Own… Read More »

grown-up time: pictures of pregnant Jemima Kirke are refreshingly real

Jemima Kirke Pregnant: Pictures That I Love


Pictures of pregnant Jemima Kirke that accompanied her interview in Vice Magazine. So refreshingly … not this pose: Jemima Kirke pregnant is beautiful and real.   What are your thoughts?

I don't care about your cool new stroller

I Don’t Care About Your Cool New Stoller


There’s a new stroller out and we don’t care Big crazy news. There’s a big crazy new stroller out that features lights, an iPod/iPhone charger and an automobile-like dashboard (complete with an odometer, so you don’t break any pedestrian traffic laws). And the oh-so-cool named Origami also features a electronically-powered automatic fold.   Sure, it’s… Read More »

Crazy pregnant ladies are drooling over this image of Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad right fucking now!

Crazy Pregnant Ladies: Love Blue Cheese, Pear and Arugula Salad


Eden Hertzog has a recipe that preggos (and everyone else) will love. First: I promise this will be the last crappy picture I offer up to you guys. You know, I have every intention of including great pictures for the recipes but sometimes I just don’t have my camera handy, or Cedar is all tangled up in… Read More »


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