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So Long, Supermom: Sh*tty Mom is the Bible for Parental Slackers


You might want to keep this parenting guide under your mattress Does your idea of parenting survival include sleeping until 9 am every weekend? Dropping your kid off at daycare before the teacher figures it out? Texting at the playground? New parenting guide Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us has your back.… Read More »

Kids’ Stores Could Learn a Thing or Two from Steve Jobs


Christopher Shulgan finds back-to-school shopping solace in an unlikely place Recently, I had to take my kids to the Apple Store, which should be exactly the sort of place that’s a nightmare for parents. I couldn’t avoid it—our babysitter was busy, and the screen on my MacBook Air was toast. Freaking out, I prepared for… Read More »

Skirt-Wearing Dad Shows His Son It’s Cool To Wear What You Want


When you’re an active child, pants can suck The boy wants to wear a dress; the dad doesn’t see a problem. In fact, to show his support, he dons one himself. In the traditional village in South Germany they live in, the pair’s penchant for dress-wearing definitely raises some eyebrows. Some people have walked face-first into… Read More »

Young Punks: Seriously Cute Tees Made by a Single Dad


Young Punks is steez for the wees that we can get behind When we caught wind of these awesome t-shirts and onesies from California company Young Punks at Bunch HQ (tip of the hat to, we were immediately besotted with their hilariously cute prints for babes and kids. Even cooler — the dad behind… Read More »

It’s Official: Bruce Springsteen is the Coolest Dad Ever


When it comes to being a dad, the Boss lives up to his name Bruce Springsteen, thine name is awesome. These heart-melting photos of the Boss himself bringing his daughter up on stage during a recent concert in Paris overloaded our cute-o-meter. Springsteen danced with his 20-year-old daughter, Jessica, in front of thousands of French… Read More »

Don’t Spoil the End of Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back


Watch this kid watch Empire for the first time: Image via YouTube


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