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heArt of a Woman Project

Help Women Art Entrepreneurs in Khayelitsha Township


Toronto-based photographer Andrea Rees didn’t spend Mother’s Day this year with her two sons, aged 4 and 8. Instead, she arrived in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha Township community armed with old iPhones donated by family and friends. For the past 12 days, Rees has been teaching mobile photography to women in that community, skills that will… Read More »

family by any other name: Book cover image

A Family By Any Other Name


If there’s one constant running through the wide-ranging stories in the new anthology, A Family By Any Other Name: Exploring Queer Relationships, it is the words of editor Bruce Gillespie in the introduction: “Family isn’t one set thing.” In the book, families are ‘any or all of the above’ type units. They may or may not be connected by… Read More »

The Haggerty Family in 1945

Behind the First Gay Country Album — An Amazing Dad


Almost every gay person you ever meet will have a painful story of coming out to their parents, especially if they’re older than, say, 20. But imagine growing up gay in a tiny logging community in the northeast corner of Washington state in the 1950s, where your father is a strong, silent type who does… Read More »

Motherfunk: If you can't go out dancing, you can still dance. And you should!

The Motherfunk


THE MOTHERFUNK: Thursdays 11 AM (March 20 – April 24) Drop-in $15 / 6-week session $75 at Swansea Town Hall, Toronto I was pretty active during my last pregnancy, even though I didn’t work out, as I’d intended to. I had fallen out of the habit, and my doctor convinced me this wasn’t the time to take… Read More »

new mom project storage

BREAKING — Baby Box Project Gets Storage, Builds Momentum


Word has spread fast through parent networks and social media about the New Mom Project, a baby items and clothing drive launched last month by Gwen Broda, a Toronto parent of three. And donations are rolling in as fast as the project founder and visionary can handle them. Broda took one simple idea: Finnish-style baby boxes and thought, doesn’t every… Read More »

The New Mom Project

Donate Baby Stuff to The New Mom Project


There are shockingly few services in Toronto that provide free or low cost baby supplies to parents in need. Toronto mother of three Gwen Broda is trying to change that. Just after her third child was born, she launched The New Mom Project, which aims to provide moms in need with crucial baby supplies they might not otherwise be able to afford. Broda started the project… Read More »

Why Antoinette Tuff Is A Hero


A school bookkeeper in Atlanta named Antoinette Tuff is a hero. Last Wednesday, a man named Michael Brandon Hill snuck into Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Atlanta armed with an AK 47-style rifle and almost 500 rounds of ammunition, according to police. He shot the floor and exchanged gunfire with police once they surrounded the school… Read More »

Dads Mitchell and Orrin

How To Make A Family: A Bunch Documentary


  Last summer, just days before the birth of their twins via gestational surrogate, Mitchell Marcus and Orrin Wolpert graciously let me, our former editor, Jes Watson, and our video guy, Adam, invade their home. This is the freaking awesome story of how their babies, Yael and Eytan, came to be. It’s a tale of friendship (would you give your best friends… Read More »

LOVE Jen Bulthuis of Fidoodle (+ her amazing, interactive doodley-toys)


It’s one of our favourite Toronto weekends; the Springtime One of A Kind Show is on right now! Among the many, many great vendors is a small but mighty mom-run Toronto toy company called Fidoodle, whose beautiful stuff we’ve talked about before here. Toronto artist and mother of two Jen Bulthuis talked to us recently about how she creates some… Read More »

A Toy Train in Space: One Dad’s Cosmic Efforts to Make His Kid Smile


When you love something, launch it into space Rob Fugelseth wanted to make his four-year-old son smile, so he stuck his favourite toy train into a weather balloon along with an HD camera and a cell phone with GPS— and headed to an undeveloped construction site to launch it into space. Rather random idea? Perhaps,… Read More »

Don’t Sweat the Bad Stuff: Why Being the “Worst Mom” is Kind of the Best


What’s so cool about being a bad parent? When I was 12, a small group of my friends and I would head to a local downtown parkette, hide behind a bronze statue and surreptitiously light up a cigarette. We’d pass the smoke between us for short inhales that sounded a little like asthma attacks. It… Read More »

More Reasons To Love Chris Rock


Parenting is “the best, most fun thing, it’s a privilege.” Can’t get enough of that belligerent-voiced comedian whose jokes have a way of entertaining and unnerving? Neither can we. We could probably rhyme off Chris Rock quotes until the cows came home (and do them justice? Probably not, but not many could). The man is… Read More »


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