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Eesha Khare

18-Year-Old Eesha Khare Invents Device To Charge A Cell Phone in Seconds


Are you tired of how much time your so-called “mobile” phone spends chained to its charger? 18-year-old Eesha Khare has invented a device which will could change that. Eesha has created a supercapacitor, a device which contains a large amount of energy in a small amount of space, which can charge a cell phone in 20… Read More »

Surrealist Photography by a 14-Year-Old


14-year-old Zev is known as ‘fiddle oak’ on Flickr. He’s mastered the art of surrealist photography at a level beyond his years. The teenager from Natick, Massachusetts has taken the internet by storm with his ‘Little Folk‘ series, where he turns portraits with everyday objects into magical images. Earth   Zev says he’s been taking pictures since he was eight… Read More »

Rock Paper Scissors Expansion Set - illustration by Nick Craine

Rock Paper Scissors Expansion Set


The earliest-known game of Rock Paper Scissors took place in Japan during the 18th century; Japanese children these days learn it while they’re still toddlers. Nick Craine taught his son Michael when he was not much older, which might explain how they got into the habit of throwing in ‘Broccoli’ every so often as a gag. But… Read More »

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s Toy Story


Do you remember your favourite childhood toy? Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s Toy Story photo series shows portraits of kids from around the world surrounded by their most important possessions – their toys. The pictures beautifully demonstrate not only the economic discrepancies between children of the world, but, also important, show the similarity in the global experience… Read More »

get rid of assault rifles: an eight year old's letter

Eight-year-old: Please Get Rid of Assault Rifles


Ira Glasser’s grandson took the prompt for his Grade Three essay assignment – “If I Could Change One Thing in the World” – and wrote this wise and beautiful plea for the end of assault rifles, as reported by Lisa Belkin on HuffPo Parents: photograph courtesy Ira Glasser (former head of the ACLU)

honest toddler

Honest Toddler Explodes On Social Media


This may be the real reason toddlers can’t use social media. If you haven’t paid a visit to Honest Toddler yet, do yourself a favour and follow her on Twitter or browse the Toddler’s blog or ask Honest Toddler everything you wanted to know about what your toddler is thinking on Facebook. It’s a delicious and uncensored take on life… Read More »

vocal improv with Paul Simon: this little girl blows him out of the water with her soul

Friday afternoon vocal improv break


This video of an amazing little girl singing with Paul Simon — and then going for it, vocal improv style — will make your day. Promise.  Thanks so very much to Brovermania for posting this today.    

letters from kids

We Love Letters For Kids


I get misty when during our ongoing basement purge I open a shoebox to find letters from old pen-pals. It’s a pleasure my kids are unlikely to share. I was ecstatic when one box yielded a long-lost childhood artifact – an autographed picture and tiny, typewritten note from Judy Blume. I can credit my dad. I had… Read More »

Slum-Life Gets a Bollywood Style Makeover


India’s urban youth get to sit in the director’s chair Something pretty amazing is going down in New Delhi’s muddy slums. The streets, which are host to over 18 million kids, are turning into sets for street plays and short films, all made by and starring, local kids. The breath of fresh air was brought by Toronto chef,… Read More »

MarinaRocks! A Kid-Created Accessories Line We Love


Find out why Marina Wilson is a kid we love It’s not everyday you meet a 13-year-old with her own company. But Marina Wilson  is currently knocking it out of the park with her wallet and accessory line, MarinaRocks Toronto. It all started when Wilson and her mom began making wallets out of duct tape… Read More »


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