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Giver: kid-built playground

So You Think You Can Design A Playground?


You might not normally turn to reality TV to inspire your kids. But the TVOKids’ show Giver is a fantastic hit television show where kids get to make a difference in their lives, and their community — by creating a playground. The kid participants in Giver not only design the playground of their dreams, they actually build it. The show has run for… Read More »

six year old b girl

Six-Year-Old B-Girl Will Destroy Your Case of the Mondays


Got a case of the Mondays? This’ll fix that. These images come from a newly-posted Vimeo video of incredibly talented B-GIRL TERRA (click here) who routinely tears it up in international competition. She’s a member of London, UK-based breakdancing crew Soul Mavericks. Here, she holds it down to ‘Platoon’ by Jungle. Watch the whole video here. And if… Read More »

Toronto Through Henry's Eyes. Photo by Alex Neary and Henry (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission

Toronto Through Henry’s Eyes


We immediately recognized the Toronto locales in these photos when we spied them on DesignTaxi earlier today. So we called up part-time photographer and Toronto nanny Alex Neary to get the full story and discovered that, as wonderful as these poses and concepts are, her two-year-old charge Henry is the one calling the shots. Literally.… Read More »

Olivia Wise in the recording studio

Watch Olivia Wise sing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’


Watch Olivia Wise sing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar.’ The 16-year-old was bravely facing the end stages of brain cancer when she recorded the song, and her cover turns ‘Roar’ into an bittersweet, empowerment anthem: Before she got sick, Olivia loved to sing for her friends at school, putting on shows in front of her locker. This… Read More »

Documentary Of Bad School Lunches

Kid Makes Documentary Of Bad School Lunches


Remember when you were a kid and there were some messed up things about school that your parents just wouldn’t believe? For Zachary Maxwell in New York, it was school lunches: nasty, fried, sloppy things that were not the good-for-you promises advertised in the Department of Education’s online menus. But Zach’s parents bought the hype about… Read More »

kids laugh during a capital choir recording session at Abbey Road studios

Music Magic: Capital Children’s Choir + Girls Rock Camp


Sometimes I forget what a force music can be. I get caught up in the tedium of everyday stresses and then I forget to sing out loud. When I was growing up, singing was very important to me. In the schoolyard we sang. On the bus home we sang. In choir practice, at slumber parties,… Read More »

three brother's from the documentary Brother's Day

Celebrate Brother’s Day


Three lovely brothers, Harry, Liam and Andrew, started a great tradition in 2007. Envious of the fact their parents had two holidays each – their birthdays and Mother and Father’s Day – they decided to start a holiday of their own. It’s been six years now and the tradition just keeps getting stronger. Squirrel Friends,… Read More »

childrens furniture

Children’s Furniture — Designed by Children


Creative types and university students Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake decided to try designing children’s furniture from a new angle. They headed to a local primary school and asked the kids to “please draw a chair.” After about an hour this is what some of the 7- and 8-year-olds came up with: They picked two of… Read More »

canada is 146

Good Morning, Canada!


Here are some cute Canadian kids singing our anthem. Our country is 146 today. Lookin’ good! Have a great one.

12 year old metalheads

Just A Couple 12 Year Old Metalheads From Flatbush


How much do we love these two? Jarad Dawkins and Malcolm Brickhouse have known each other since they were four years old (they met at a birthday party). They started their first band – Tears Of Blood – when they were FIVE. The two middle-schoolers are astonishingly self-assured about how good their playing is, what their… Read More »


16-Year-Old Turns Algae Into Biofuel


In the eighth grade, Evie Sobczak, now 16, decided her goal was to grow algae at home and covert it into biofuel. She spent the next four years tinkering in her garage, and created a chemical free-way to do just that, calling her project: Algae to Oil via Photoautotrophic Cultivation and Osmotic Sonication. A mouthful,… Read More »

Sebastien De La Cruz

Sebastien De La Cruz Sings The National Anthem Again


11-year-old Sebastien De La Cruz sang for a second time at Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, coming back for an encore performance after being the subject of online racist comments following his first show. Sebastien is a proud mariachi singer who shot to fame on America’s Got Talent last year. At the NBA finals,… Read More »


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