Darth Vader in the Bath Tub and Other Whimsical Headshots by Hello I’m Wild


Hello I’m Wild artists bring fictional characters into the everyday Artists Caroline Sauvage and Marion Audefray are the creative geniuses behind the Hello I’m Wild “Headshots” series. Hello I’m Wild is a French art collective and now our favourite ever name for an art collective. With “Headshots,” they’re questioning “how different life would be if… Read More »

Photograph of Maya and Leela and their American Girls dolls in their pink bedroom. Photo by Ilona Szwarc, 2011.

Polish Photographer Ilona Szwarc and American Girl Dolls


NYC-based Polish artist Ilona Szwarc was immediately taken by American girls’ fascination with American Girl dolls. We don’t see or hear as much about American Girl dolls in Canada as Americans do south of the border, for obvious reasons. And yet somehow without necessarily even seeing any of the dolls up close, we know that… Read More »

Whimsical Designer Todd Oldham Launches a Line of DIY Activity Kits for Kids


Crayons have never looked more fab                           American designer and author Todd Oldham, known for his fun and lighthearted approach to fashion, is currently collaborating with Target to give classic kids art supplies a seriously new look with tons of new uses. Inspired… Read More »

MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe New Art Exhibit


The MAMA exhibit at the International Museum of Women opens today The ever-innovative International Museum of Women is the online destination for art, stories and ideas that celebrate women around the world. Today it debuted its Motherhood Around the Globe exhibit with a stunning selection of paintings and photographs. The IMOW aims to inspire a… Read More »

Make a Beautiful Rose Stamp From a Head of Celery


The mighty potato has some stamp competition We were bowled over with out dead-easy this pretty art activity is. Big ups to Craftsy for the idea. Simply cut off the bottom of a head of celery, apply some tempura (or fabric!) paint and stamp it on an appropriate surface. Plus, you could have a pre… Read More »

A Plain White Room + Thousands of Stickers + Kids = Art


A fantastic installation in Australia’s Queensland Gallery of Modern Art It’s called the Obliteration Room and it’s the work of artist Yayoi Kusama. The installation involved a white living environment that Kusama constructed, complete with couches, a kitchen table and chairs, flower pots, bookcases with books and even a piano, all painted white. From there,… Read More »

15 Nuit Blanche Family Picks (But Really 18)


It’s time for Toronto’s all night art party OK Toronto families, who’s excited for Nuit Blanche this weekend? This all-night art event goes from 7pm to sunrise, Saturday night to Sunday morning. We’re guessing the most family friendly times are right at the beginning, or right at the end. Stroll around any of the zones… Read More »

Imaginawesome Turns Kids’ Sketches Into Graphic Art


And the results are super-awesome Imaginawesome is a project by software enginner Garrett Miller. Miller’s logic is that “Kids have the ability to come up with some pretty amazing things, but not always the ability to draw exactly what they were imagining.” So he steps in to help make those drawings “come a little bit… Read More »

Create a Work of Art With Melted Crayons


A great and totally doable art project from We Are That Family Projects involving melting crayons are probably our favourite. We totally dig the psychedelic melty rainbow thing that We Are That Family created for their last night of summer. (Thankfully we Canadians still have a couple weeks before school starts!) Can’t wait to try… Read More »

Art Challenge: Wood Carving and Michael Jackson Tribute Art


The Bunch community is bursting with talent When we told you about Aelita Andre, the 4-year-old darling of the art world with a brand new NYC show, we asked to see what sort of works Bunchlander kids were coming up with. We were totally impressed by 6-year-old Tyler’s mixed media portrait and now his older… Read More »

Four Year Old Opens NYC Art Show


Kick butt art happens at any age Here at Bunch we were blown away by this BBC report on Aelita Andre, a 4-year-old who is opening her first gallery exhibit at the Agora Gallery in Manhattan. Gallery curator Angela DiBello characterizes Aelita’s work as both Abstract Expressionism and Surrealist for her creative use of objects.… Read More »

Photographing Rainbow Rubbish


Jewelry designer Betty Jo makes art from trash There’s this neat little trend going around where people take arty photographs of collections of stuff. Jewelry designer Elisabeth Jones makes “Rubbish Rainbows” from items she finds along the beach and river and organizes them by colour and/or type. It comes off as something between Things Organized… Read More »


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