Dinovember! Show Us Yours


Thanks to Kansas City parents Refe and Susan Tuma, we here at Bunch are totally entranced by Dinovember. Rebecca Brown reports with some delight that the Dinosaurs of Pendrithia are conscientious — and her kids are totally into flossing now (see above). Meanwhile, things look a little sinister in the kingdom of Windsoria. From the… Read More »

Hey! It’s Also Dinovember


We know you got the memo about Movember, but do you know ‘Dinovember’? These parents are the greatest. Every November Refe Tuma and his wife Susan Tuma engage in a fanciful project to convince their kids that their plastic toy dinosaurs come to life while they sleep. Here they are making a mess of breakfast: Please… Read More »


Toronto Goes Googly-Eyes for Aiden Glynn


Toronto animator Aiden Glynn has been making the streets of his city a little friendlier – by seeing the monster potential of simple street fixtures. His monster-garbage-can (pictured above) caused a bit of a stir when it appeared at the Air Canada Centre a while back. But since then he’s been busy. As he explained… Read More »

Stroller Tours bring Big City Culture to Babies


The cool new way to explore the city with your kids Photo by Skeddy in New York. There’s a lot to see in a city. The bright lights, the historic architecture, the urban wildlife, and the streets are a work of art in themselves. If you’re stuck in a stroller, you could miss a lot. Recognizing that… Read More »

Wall of Art for your kids’ creations


It starts innocently enough at the craft table. A finger-painting here, a toddler-handprint craft there. By the time she gets to kindergarten, things have spiralled out of control. The delicate question of what to do with ALL THE ART is top of mind for parents of young children. Game designer Leanne Friedberg hit upon a… Read More »

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits: Wearable Art You Can Listen To, Too


These amazing suits sound as good as they look We were blown away when we first caught a glimpse of Chicago artist Nick Cave‘s (no, not that one) jaw-dropping Soundsuits. Crafted from a collection of items scavenged from flea markets, garage sales and second-hand stores, each suit is an complex blend of hyperbolic shapes and… Read More »

Can You Guess the Story?: 8 Minimalist Posters Your Kids Will Love


Use these genius posters by Christian Jackson to get your kids thinking about plot and visual representation Christian Jackson‘s minimalist posters are not only good design, they’re also a clever distillation of children’s tales that visually target  the very heart of the plot. We’d be happy to snap them up and put them in our… Read More »

Make Digitastic DIY Photograms With Your Own Bare Hands


Develop your own photo creations with the light of the sun. No chemicals required! Photograms: the art of making photos by directly arranging objects on photo paper and letting them expose in the sun. Yep, you can create your own dark room in your hall closet and expose them on right on your back deck!… Read More »

Fractured Fairy Tales: An Art Exhibit Kids Will Flip For


Share these artsy twists on traditional fairy tales with your kids Kids will love the current exhibit at the WWA Gallery in California as much you. Fractured Fairy Tales features 32 different artist’s interpretations of the fabled stories we know and love. This exhibit just made them a lot cooler. If there was ever a kid-friendly intro to awesome art,… Read More »

Tweet Up! Join the AGO and Bunch for #ArtHour on July 12


On Thursday, July 12, from 11 a.m. to noon we’re co-hosting an hour-long online discussion about kids and art with the AGO School is out and we’re all  looking for ways to keep our kids’ bodies and minds active and engaged. Art activities are an obvious go-to on lazy, hazy summer days, but it’s less clear… Read More »

Cool New Conceptual Activity Book Invites Kids to Open Their Minds


Here’s a read that will add serious dimension to your kid’s library Italian artist and designer Sara Fanelli has created a super unique reading experience that we’re as excited about as your kid will be. Aside from the quirky collage-style illustrations, we love The Onion’s Great Escape because it takes the activity book to the next level.… Read More »

The International Museum of Women Wants to Make a Mama’s Work More Visible


The IMOW have launched its Mama’s Work gallery As another installment of its Motherhood Around the Globe series, the International Museum of Women have launched the Mama’s Work gallery. The International Museum of Women is an online gallery that celebrates all things woman and with this series, calls attention to the important role mothers play all… Read More »


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