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Rose Bianchini just had twins

It’s been a little while since we’ve had some great DIY ideas from Rose Bianchini, but we can hardly blame her — woman just had twins! In late December, Rose and Jason said hello to Emmett and Simon and no, we’re not sure which is which. We decided to give her a call and see how she’s adjusting to this whole motherhood thing.

Bunch: Are you getting any sleep?

Rose: When we get some help I do. Newborns don’t have any sort of schedule and they just want to eat all the time.

Do they act in synch, or is it too early?

They’re pretty in synch, even when they’re in different rooms. They sleep at the same time. They get the hiccups and sneeze at the same time. One time they both sneezed three times in a row, that was pretty cute.

Are they showing different personalities yet?

As I get to know them, I see their reactions to things. Their cries are different, but when they synch up their cries it sounds like a car alarm. They’re pretty small so we’ll see if the differences I notice now stick.

When do you think you will ever have time for DIY activities again?

I don’t know. Maybe when they start sleeping for five hours at a stretch. A five hour window would work. And if we had a baby sitter. For now, they pretty much eat all the time, so there’s no time.

Are you glad you did all that preparation, stockpiling meals and baby supplies, etc?

Nothing really prepares you for motherhood, but yes. Having to even think about meals would be a lot. Sometimes people just bring us things to heat up. That’s so awesome. I just can’t even fathom life if we hadn’t already had the nursery setup.

Anything you would change about how you handled your pregnancy?

I wish I’d read different books. They’re still too small for sleep training and I read a lot about babies, but newborns are very different from babies. They’re just a bundle of need, you can barely even put them down and now I’m finding all these books I wish I’d read instead of the baby books.

Wishing Rose, Jason, Emmett and Simon all the best! Come on five hours of sleep!

Rose Bianchini is a writer, artist, producer and generally creative person living in Toronto’s St. Clair West neighbourhood. You might even have enjoyed some of her work at a Bunch event. See some of her many projects at RoseBiachini.com

Photos via Rose Bianchini

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