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The plan wasn’t necessarily to traverse the country with a dog, a preschooler and a new baby. But that’s what happened six years after Pam and Geoff McDonald of Calgary, Alberta began their canoe trip across Canada.

It took longer than expected, as described in this great piece by the Globe and Mail’s Roy MacGregor.

Both grew up with a great love of the outdoors (he’s from Trail, B.C. and she’s from Whitehorse) and originally set out accompanied only by their Malamute, Taq. They expected to complete the trip within two years. But three and a half years ago they took a break to have their son, Jude. And new baby Rane was born this past winter.

Family Canoes Across Canada


Jude has spent his summers in their 20-foot, Esquif Mirmachi canoe since he was eight months old. Rane started his internship at six months old. During the year Pam and Geoff work to make money for the trip. Once paddling season starts, it’s back into the canoe.

They are currently making their way through the Canadian Shield and are quite entranced by the beauty of it all. Here are some fantastic photos, courtesy their paddling blog Red Canoe Across Canada. 

canoe-pretty canoeJude-in-camp canoeRane-in-GoPod

You can stay in touch and track their progress on their official site, Canoe Across Canada.

canoes across canada


 The family’s last check-in was yesterday afternoon — at Pigeon Lake in the Kawarthas.

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