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Use these genius posters by Christian Jackson to get your kids thinking about plot and visual representation

Christian Jackson‘s minimalist posters are not only good design, they’re also a clever distillation of children’s tales that visually target  the very heart of the plot.

We’d be happy to snap them up and put them in our kids’ bedrooms, but we also recognized an awesome opportunity to get our kids thinking about their favourite classic tales a little differently.  Using these posters as a jumping off point for a conversation about plot and visual representation kicks the viewing process up a notch.

This activity is good for kids between the ages of seven and nine. Here’s how to do it:

1. Grab a computer, tablet or smartphone and pull up this page.

2. Get your kid to look at each of the illustrations without reading the title of the story. Can they guess what the story is just by checking out the picture? Which ones are easier, and which ones are a little more difficult? Which one do they like the best and why?

3.  Now, get your kid to grab a book that’s not featured on one of these posters. Read the story aloud together, and then have a discussion about what the very, very, very centre of the plot is.  How would you sum it up with a single, simple image?

4. Once you’ve decided on an image, grab all your best markers, paints and pens (and anything else you’d like) and start drawing.  Create your very own poster of the story, and then see if other people in your family can guess what it is!


 All images via Square Inch Design 

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