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Camp Bunchland!

Late August and early September is when we shop for school supplies, lament that the days are getting shorter and spend one last glorious long weekend at the cottage. As we prepare to put away our flip-flops and beach blankets, we remember all the crazy-awesome fun stuff we did at Camp Bunchland. From gourmet popsicles and s’mores to backyard movie theatres and campfires, summer 2010 will always be remembered as the best summer ever. Until we top it next summer, that is.

How we spent our summer vacation

Packing for and then riding the bus to Camp Bunchland

Using fresh fruit and herbs to make gourmet popsicles

Sitting under a blanket of stars and watching movies in the backyard

Roasting s’mores over a crackling backyard campfire

Getting dressed to the nines and sipping classic cocktails and mocktails, Mad Men-style, in a family cocktail hour

Eating too much funnel cake and going on rides at the Jersey Shore

Rocking out as a family in the open air at an outdoor music festival

Hanging at the beach and building elaborate drip sandcastles

Getting refreshed with the funnest sprinklers

Snazzing up our wheels for a neighbourhood bike parade

Selling lavender lemonade at a gourmet ‘ade stand

Engaging in some friendly competition with a round of board games at the cottage

Photos by cafemama, ebot, hcplebranch via Flickr.

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