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The creator of the world’s greatest cardboard arcade has some fans

If you’ve seen Caine’s Arcade, you know that a whole lot of hard work and imagination went into turning a bunch of cardboard boxes into a functioning arcade. Naturally, other creative kids were inspired. Here are some of their creations:

1. Tilta’ Ball

With a medium-sized box, some popsicle sticks and some tape, Isaac created a maze where you place a rubber ball at the start and tilt the box to work the ball through the maze.
2. JoJo’s Gumball Machine

Ten-year-old Jojo thinks this Super Mario-themed gumball machine would be a great addition to Caine’s Arcade.
3. Audrey’s Ball Game

We think Audrey wins for degree of difficulty.
4. JP’s State of the art photocopier

This actually predates Caine’s Arcade, but we think maybe Caine and JP are cut from the same cloth since they both employ the kid-as-part-of-the-machine technology. Really, we expect JP to dream up some pretty big stuff.

And now for a different kind of kid-innovator: an investigative reporter goes to check out the Caine’s Arcade block party

Thanks Juli Crockett for tipping us off to these great kids!
Looking for more Caine’s Arcade content? We’ve got some cardboard creation suggestions as well as that catchy little tune known as the Caine’s Arcade Theme.
Photo by chickpokipsie via Flickr
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