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We gathered some Hallowe’en postcards from the Bunch writers’ wee bunchkins for you to enjoy. Above is Kerry Clare’s feisty little superhero!

Here’s Nancy Walton’s daughter Georgia. She put her costume on and immediately struck this pose:

Here are Rose Bianchini’s twins: Apparently it was hard to get them to stop moving long enough to take a picture!

And here are Sara Campbell’s twins. They are going as David Bowie and a Zombie Chef:

 Mita Williams’s daughter is going as Fiona from Adventure Time:

Bunch founder and publisher Rebecca Brown’s sweet little superhero (Captain North America) and  friends:

Here’s is Carly Stasko’s little guy as an adorkable little elephant:

And here is Avery Swartz’s daughter and she’s ready to rock. Meow!

And Sarah Couture McPhail was sewing into the wee hours but darnit, Jack Sparrow needed those leather-adorned Bogs. His brother wore his Karate Gi. (Did we mention that Bunch writers are good at having twins?)

Stay Safe out there tonight! Stay VISIBLE. Lots of love from the Bunch crew.

p.s. Let us know on our Facebook page how it went!

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